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Blue Toile Bedding

Updated on March 16, 2011

Add French Fashion to Your Bedroom with Blue Toile Bedding

Blue toile bedding is patterned like any toile fabric in which a variety of monotoned scenes appear in colors of black, blue or red on a background of white or cream. While there are some toile bedding patterns that are multi-colored for baby's nurseries, most toile bedding is typically one color on the white or cream background.

For example, blue toile bedding would have a scene in a shade of blue on a cream or white background. The most popular toile bedding colors are black toile bedding, blue yellow toile bedding, yellow toile bedding, and green toile bedding.

When toile, which means fabric in French, first made its mark in France in the 18th century, it featured charmingly simple scenes from daily life. As Chinese influences reached France, these scenes transformed. As life continued to progress even further, and pop culture claimed its power, so did the scenes evolve and transform on the toile fabric.

While toile bedding still often features very peaceful and fanciful scenes of a lifestyle gone by, there are many more patterns to choose from because of the ease to which toile fabric bedding is now made. If you're looking for that old world charm, try selecting blue toile bedding that uses old, traditioinal patterns in their fabrics. There are a few wonderful places to shop online for toile bedding. Click here to visit or eBay to see what they have available in blue toile bedding for steeply discounted pricing. I personally shop at either of these sites all the time for all of my bedding, home decorating, shoes, and purse needs.

Blue Toile Comforter

A lot of times, people dismiss the possibility of blue toile bedding thinking that their home isn't country or classic enough. The truth is that a blue toile comforter can really add a touch of French history to your bedroom without putting toile wallpaper up. If you look online, you can often find blue toile bedding sets, such as blue toile comforter sets or blue toile bed in a bag. These are an easy way to change the look of your bedroom without worrying about what bedding items you'll need to buy. It's also just as nice to purchase the blue toile comforter by itself and wrap yourself in warm tradition each night. Perfect for any person, any age.

Whether you're looking for a very classic toile blue comforter or something more exotic with an inverse blue and white toile pattern, there will be something available to suit your decor. Online offers a huge selection of blue toile bedding in many different patterns and colors themes.

Blue Toile Quilt

A blue toile quilt is the ultimate blue toile bedding option for summer. It is also great for Victorian homes, because quilts have that sort of classic feel to them.

It doesn't matter what room you decide to put a blue toile quilt in, because it is sure to lighten it up. It also doesn't matter what style of room it is, because a blue toile quilt can look quite lovely in any home - modern or traditional. It's a simple and easy way to stay cool during the summer. All that you may need to change is the color of your bed skirt to match.

Blue Toile Bedding
Blue Toile Bedding

Why Choose Blue Toile Bedding

There's more to blue toile bedding than meets the eye. You see, blue toile bedding comes in variety of blue variations. Some blue toile has cream instead of white, or blue with white pattern instead of the classic blue on white. I have also seen many different shades of blues used in blue toile bedding. Some blue toile quilts are closer to navy than baby blue. I have also seen gorgeous blue toile bedding with mostly blue and cream with hints of rose to really make the quilt quite rich and elegant.

Blue toile bedding is a wonderful choice for toile bedding if you have been having trouble deciding which color toile you want for your bedroom. While black will most likely go with more overall, blue is a much more soothing and calming color, which is perfect for the bedroom. Blue toile also seems more classic French country.

Blue Toile Duvet

If you don't like comforters, then there are also blue toile duvets available. This is a great way to cover your duvet in a pattern that is a little out of the ordinary. During the warmer months, a blue toile duvet can really lighten up the feel of your bedroom and your down comforter.

A blue toile duvet is the perfect option for any bedroom in your home and is very easy to decorate with. For a light fanciful feel, try light blue walls, white walls, or light yellow walls. Yellow is a great French country color combination. These are not the only colors that can compliment your blue toile bedding, neutral shades of almost every color will.

Blue Toile Crib Bedding
Blue Toile Crib Bedding

Blue Toile Crib Bedding

Don't forget to consider blue toile bedding for your new baby's room. If you've been looking for blue toile crib bedding, then you know just how popular it is. It simply has a very fanciful and lighthearted feeling to it. It's very soothing, elegant, yet whimsical.

Choosing to use blue toile crib bedding in your child's room will provide an elegant and traditional look to any nursery, not just for a little boy's nursery. Blue toile crib bedding can be a luxurious addition to your brand new little girl's welcome home. For an even richer feel to the nursery, opt for toile crib bedding that utilizes cream with blue instead of white. Cream also tends to get dirty less quickly than white.

Blue toile crib bedding is also wonderful in shades of blue and white. I am not steering you away from blue and white. Blue and white will be lighter than cream with blue and more apt to go in a variety of homes, where very traditional cream and blue will look best in historical or very traditional homes.


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