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Blue glass collection

Updated on May 13, 2014

Collecting Blue Glass

Did you ever find yourself collecting something with out even realising until you finally stood back one day and you were surrounded.

Blue glass. I must love it .I guess the vibrant blue colour reminds me of the ocean and its amazing the way the light dances with the blue glass. All I know is that I started with a pair of striking blue candle holders and the rest crept up on me. I truly did not notice.

I did not even realise how things had become until recently when I had quests and somehow the conversation moved onto blue glass bottles.One bright spark perked up and said Oh I would never have blue bottles they look tacky.Well it is a good thing I never take things personally and have this amazing ability to shrug things off because with a quick scan of the room it was obvious there was alot of blue glass urns and vases gracing my rimu furniture.We were sitting there blue glass all around us.

A smile come over my face as I laughed at the silly thing she had just said.I would not give up my collection for the world(no maybe for the world I would)but I have somehow found myself surrounded by blue glass and it is just so totally me.

How could you not love it.

History of blue glass and cobalt oxide.

There is evidence evan as far back as 2700BC of early civilizations using Colbalt in glass ordiments and jewelry.Remnants of Cobalt oxide have been found in archaeological digs in many countries.Egypt, Greece, Rome to name a few who commonly used it.

In Britain cobalt oxide was being imported and used for making blue medicine bottles in the mid 1650's.Blue glass bottles were a symble of riches and wealth in those days.

I am not the only one to love Blue Glass and porcelain.Late in the 18th century a potter and a chemist put their heads together and using Cobalt Oxide they came up with blue Glazed porcelain.Towards the end of the 1780's Isaac Jacabs and Lazarus became famous for their Bristol Blue Glass and porcelain.Their company supplied.the aristocrats of Europe who admired it's deep blue lustre and treasured it purchasing their blue glass exclusively.

Today Bristals Blue glass and hand blown glass is still very popular and sort after.Many people love and collect it today.

For the average person collecting blue glass is easy.The market became quite flooded so there is plenty of it around for the taking.You will find vases, urns, bowls, bottles,candle holders the list goes on.If your keen on blue glass start your collecting today.It's fun to collect.

The art of glass blowing.Prepare to be amazed.

There were 10 blue bottles.

Collecting blue glass.

I must say I don't have many blue bottles.You just do not see them around so much today.Perhaps the fashion will soon return. I'm sure that would not bother me.

In the mean time I don,t seem to find it differcult to find blue glass to add to my collection.You can find it on auction sites and at second hand shops.I have gathered mine from these places and for a great price.


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    • carriethomson profile image

      carriethomson 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Oh thats lovely!! hubs are brimming with art all over and also with people who care to take time appreciate it!! voted up and beautiful!!

    • cangetthere profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Thanks Nell,I love the blue bowl best too.Thankyou

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, I love blue, and would love all of these! but my favourite is the round bowl! lovely! and the video was amazing, the way he twisted it, and clipped the ends, great hub! cheers nell

    • Obscure_Treasures profile image

      Obscure_Treasures 6 years ago from USA

      Wow blue is my favorite color and these items look great! Nice hub!

    • cangetthere profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from New Zealand

      I think I will put the Bristol Blue Glass South west on my travel wish list.Would love to go there to see all that blue glass.

    • profile image

      F. E. Burroughes. 6 years ago

      I enjoyed your article and wish you luck with your collection. Did you know that it is still made in Bristol? There are two companies left making it in the traditional way. You can see more on the web-site and you can even buy it on-line.

      Bristol Blue Glass South West have a fascinating museum of glass with over 350 items on display at their workshops, showing the whole history of English glass making.