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Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot, Part II

Updated on January 26, 2010

Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot Construction

If you enjoy the "transparent tech look" with exposed circuitry, the Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot is for you. It is made primarily of heavy-duty transparent plastic. The base of the coffee maker is made of textured black plastic, and the carafe has a similarly textured plastic handle. Assembled and set up for use, the coffee maker is quite tall and wide, especially the upper funnel section where vacuum pressured water meets the grounds. Please note, the machine requires a 3-prong outlet.

Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot Carafe/ Reservoir

The carafe of the Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot, too, differs considerably from more conventional coffee makers in design and function. The machine uses a large heavy-duty plastic carafe that doubles as a water reservoir. It feels slightly awkward at first, in part because it is bottom heavy. The carafe connects to the base of the coffee maker where coils heat the water. Vacuum pressure forces the water up into a funnel where it saturates the coffee grounds and drips back down into the carafe. Easy to read fluid level indicator lines are marked on the carafe, with gradations for US and metric measurements. The carafe features a textured heavy plastic handle for an easy grip. It has also a unique "E-pour grid" at the spout to prevent drips and spills. The carafe holds 50 ounces. The mouth of the carafe is surprisingly small; it is designed to limit heat loss. However the small opening makes it difficult to reach inside when trying to clean the carafe.

Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot Boiler

The boiler of the Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot also differs markedly from other coffee makers. Rather than being an integrated component, it is a separate piece that forms the base of the machine. The carafe snaps into place on top of this boiler. As this base heats, it also heats the water in the carafe. Because of its location, it also acts as the hot plate for the brewed coffee. Being that it is a separate item, it may tempt you to clean it like you would any part of a traditional machine that can be detached. However, it contains the coffee maker's circuitry, and such cannot be immersed in or run under water. Wiping this base with a damp cloth will suffice.

Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot Hot Plate     
The warming plate on the Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot features a smart design to let you pour coffee and keep it hot. The carafe rests on a base that keeps coffee hot for up to 2 hours. If the carafe is replaced on the base within 10 minutes after brewing has been completed, the base will remain hot automatically. That 10-minute window gives you a generous amount of time for serving. There is a 2-hour auto shut off.

Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot Water Filtration              
There is no water filtration system or charcoal filter. Bottled or filtered water is always recommended to improve taste and to extend the life of the machine.

Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot Coffee Filter                         
The filter of the Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot is a bit more complex than most you will encounter. It has a fine polyester mesh filter that sits at the bottom of the machine's funnel unit. The filter unit is comprised of 3 pieces, including the mesh plate. It is recommended that the filter plate be replaced monthly. More than most filters, this one resembles a mesh drain. For that reason, you may want to experiment with different grinds to find one that doesn't produce a muddy cup, but a standard drip grind should perform well.

Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot Accessories
The Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot comes with an 11 minute VHS instructional video. A plastic coffee scoop, one pack of powdered cleanser and descaler and one polyester mesh filter plate that will last approximately 30 days are also included, along with filter re-order information. It has a well-illustrated instruction booklet.

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