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Bonsai Trees For Beginners : Learning The Art Of Bonsai

Updated on September 13, 2014

Are you in search for the best bonsai trees for beginners? Learning the art of bonsai, you will need to have patience and a lot of dedication to be able to grow your very own bonsai tree. You will also need a lot of practice as you will need to do regular pruning and trimming.

There are many different styles of bonsai , which is why it is important to get familiar with the different styles available and find the right one for you. Some will be easier than others, and when you get more experienced you will have more confidence in the art of bonsai.

Growing bonsai trees is not only an art form, but it is also very enjoyable and relaxing to many bonsai growers. When first starting out, it is important to keep the style of your bonsai tree simple and do not get carried away by pruning or trimming your trees too much.

Their are many books available that can help you, especially if you are just a beginner starting out. They usually have a step by step guide with pictures, which makes it very easy to learn the basics of growing your very own bonsai trees.

What Is Bonsai?

Bonsai pronounced bone - sigh originated in China and also parts of Japan. In both Chinese and the Japanese language it means "tree in a pot". Bonsai, which was founded more than 2000 years ago has been classified as an art form and is now been practiced all over the world.

Once a tree is planted in a pot, it is not called a bonsai until it has been trimmed,pruned and shaped into the right style, it can sometimes take up to 10 years to see the final result. If your bonsai tree has been well taken care of, it can last for up to 100 year, so it is important that you prune and trim your trees regularly to see the true beauty of your bonsai tree.

Do You Own A Bonsai Tree?

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Cascade Style Bonsai Tree
Cascade Style Bonsai Tree

The Different Styles Of Bonsai.

Cascade Style : These bonsai trees have a slant or slopping effect, where you can see the trunk usually hanging over or near the base of the pot. You will firstly see the trunk to be vertical and then it is twisted or turned to one side.

You can also have a semi cascade style which is when the trunk has sloped instead of turning to one direction, no matter which one you choose they look absolutely amazing and can be quite hard to do.

Forest Style Bonsai
Forest Style Bonsai

Forest Style Bonsai

This style of bonsai is usually for the more experienced growers and involves the grower to arrange two or more bonsai trees in one planting pot. Then each bonsai tree are pruned at different heights to appear similar to a forest.

If you are looking to create a very deep forest, you may need up to 3 different bonsai trees to get this effect. It has been said that in the Japanese culture using for trees in the same pot may produce negative energy.

Windswept Style Bonsai
Windswept Style Bonsai

Windswept Style

This style of this bonsai makes it look like the branches have been pushed to one side by strong winds, which is why this style of bonsai is called windswept.

This style may attract growers that want a different look to their bonsai tree and makes it a lot more interesting as well. This style has also been regarded as one of the beautiful styles that you can achieve with the art of bonsai.

Informal Upright Style Bonsai
Informal Upright Style Bonsai

Informal Upright Style

This is one of the most seen bonsai trees that can be seen today and is also one of the best to start off with if you are a beginner.You will find that the trunk is straight and the branches bend outwards.

The types of trees that are commonly used are maple, elm and junipers as they can give the bark an aged look and it also makes your bonsai tree more interesting and appealing.

You may also see the trunk twist in many directions which also makes it one of the most popular bonsai styles to be seen today.

When you are in search of bonsai trees for beginners, make sure you try to keep it simple and do not over prune or trim your trees. If you have patience, hard work and dedication , you will really enjoy growing your own bonsai trees and also learning the art of bonsai.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Brilliant and a creative way of making trees look different

    • creativelycc profile image

      Carrie L Cronkite 

      7 years ago from Maine

      I always wanted to grow a bonsai tree, I think I'll do it. Thank you. Very nice hub.

    • Tuesdays child profile image

      Tuesdays child 

      7 years ago from In the garden

      Lovely photos of bonsai trees in your hub. I will certainly try making one of these! Thank you.


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