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25 Things you can do with a Boppy Pillow

Updated on April 14, 2009

The many uses of a Boppy Pillow

Got a boppy pillow? If you have an infant in the house, this pillow is a must have. Boppy pillows comes in a variety of colors and fabrics. You can even get different pillow cases to match the current d├ęcor or mood that you are in.

A boppy pillow is also a must have for any nursing mother. This pillow is amazingly comfortable. Because of its shape you can use it in many ways to suit your needs.

This lens is all about the boppy pillow and how to use it.

I want to share with you some of the things that you can do with a boppy pillow. You don't have to just use it for breastfeeding.

Here are 25 things you can do with a boppy pillow.

Materials you'll need to get started

One Boppy Pillow (or U shaped pillow).

25 Uses for a Boppy Pillow

I consider this pillow an awesome invention. I'm sure it's just common sense to make a pillow that fits around you to help support your baby. But Boppy has made it stylish to do so.

For Baby:

1. Use it for breastfeeding. Depending on your size, you might find it easier to stack two pillows instead of one to breastfeed more comfortably.

2. Use it to hold the baby close without putting excess pressure on your arms.

3. Use it for tummy time.

4. Lay your baby in between the pillow on the floor.

5. Use it as support during sitting time.

6. Use it for propping the baby while you are catching your breath, grabbing a small snack ,etc.

7. Use it in playing.

8. Use it to keep baby from rolling around on the floor.

9. If baby has a cold, allow the baby to rest on the boppy pillow to keep his head elevated to prevent further congestion.

10. Alternative changing table. Place a towel before placing baby on the pillow and this will secure the baby for a more relaxed changing time.

11. After bath time, place a towel on top of the pillow and proceed to powder, moisturize etc baby after bath time.

12. Use it as a baby rest so you can get some computer time in. After breastfeeding, the baby may fall asleep. Set the pillow where you are comfortable in your office chair and proceed to feed. Once the baby is asleep you have both arms free to work at your desk.

For Adults:

13. Wrap it between your legs when you sleep on your side.

14. If you have bad hemorrhoids, use the boppy pillow as a cushion.

15. Use it as back support when sitting as a computer desk.

16. Use it as a TV watching pillow.

17. Use it as a neck pillow in the car.

18. Use it as support to hold your laptop while you sit on the couch.

19. Use it a drink holder, to keep all your drinks in one place.

20. Use it as a head rest during your morning ab routine.

21. Use it to prop a book when reading so you don't have to exert the extra effort to hold the book.

22. Use it as a foot rest to keep your feet elevated either at the ankles or at the knee.

23. Use it as a cat/dog bed for your pet. I recommend you buys separate pillows if you decide to use it for your pets.

24. When giving your toddler a bath, use the pillow as knee support to protect you from the hard bathroom floor.

25. Use it as a tummy pillow when watching movies with your girlfriends.

Tummy Time for Baby

Tummy time is the time when we put down our infant children on their tummy and let them hang out. Tummy time helps the baby develop strong neck and back muscles which also prepares them for walking (eventually). The boppy pillow is excellent for tummy time. Especially for infants just learning to hold their heads up, the boppy pillow gives them support from their underside.

Where to get a Boppy Pillow for cheap

As a mom, I'm always looking for a deal. If you haven't noticed already baby items costs quite a bit. And we all know that the kids grow out of them so quick. But a boppy pillow can still be used even after the baby has outgrown it.

A boppy pillow goes for about $30 and that's without the slipcover. It can range anywhere from $30 - $60.

So where do you go to find a good deal?

Ebay. Ebay has the pillows listed for $6.49 and up. I bought my pillow at T.J. Maxx for $15. I didn't have to wait for an auction to end.

Include shipping costs in your price comparison shopping. If it costs for than $40 bucks you might as well go to Babies R Us and get them there instead of waiting for it to arrive at your door.

Make it your own!

Why else is the boppy pillow so great? It's because you can customize it! Just purchase a slipcover for $10 or more and you will have your own designer boppy.

Do you like the Boppy?

Some moms LOVE it, some just don't care for it.

What do you think about the Boppy pillow?

See results

Are you crafty? Learn to sew your own boppy pillow cover. - Click on the video and it will bring you to Youtube where you can view the video.

You and Baby

The boppy pillow was designed to help you be close with your baby without the discomfort associated with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and cuddling.

The Boppy pillow may not be for everyone, but remember adjust the pillow so that it's in the best position for you to be comfortable. There aren't any rules that say you must use it this way or for that thing only.

Play with it, see what works for you and baby so that you are both comfortable.

Great for the Carseat

This product is great for the carseat. It help keeps your baby's head secure in the car seat, preventing it from rolling around side to side.

Have a comment about my Lens? - Let me know.

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      11 years ago

      Hi, cool lens! Lensrolled it to my baby shower gift ideas lens!


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