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Borner V Slicer Mandoline As Seen On TV

Updated on June 29, 2010

Borner V Slicer Mandoline

Ok today was the last day I use my traditional Mandoline.  Not only did I almost slice my finger off this morning when slicing potatoes, but the thing broke on me again.  Don't get me wrong, I am still going to use a mandoline to cook, I just won't use these cheapo ones anymore.  Mandolines are one of the fastest, best and easiest ways to slice your veggies and you can slice them into a bunch of different sizes if you need to.  They make chips, strips and more, but the thing is that they are seriously dangerous. 

You take a potatoe and you use a traditional mandolin to slice it quickly by running it back and forth over the blade but if you take your eyes away for one second, you will probably find your finger about to slice right into the blades and it is not and will not be pretty.  Mandonlines are scary and although they are amazing for slicing vegetables, potatoes and fruits, they are dangerous.  That is why when I saw the infomercial for the Borner V Slicer in the UK I had to have it. 

Not only is the Borner V Slicer a traditional mandoline, but it comes with a guard for your fingers that not only holds to food in place, but also enables you to at least feel more safe when slicing fruits and vegetables and even some proteins like eggs.  The beauty of the Borner V Slicer is that this as seen on tv slicer not only has the finger guard on it, but it also has other blades that you can use on it so that it not only slices and juliennes fruits, vegetables and some proteins, but it can also chop and dice for you too. 

The Original V Slicer looks awesome.  As I was slicing my potatoes to make breakfast thing morning and I almost sliced off the tip of my fingers, I knew it was time to throw my old mandolin away and because the basics of a mandolin are always the same, in theory this should be one as seen on tv product that actually works.  The thing that is selling me most on the Borner V Slicer is that the V Slicer has a finger protector which is what most mandolines don't have. 

I'm sending my friend an email right now to see if he can pick up a Borner V Slicer for me since he lives in the UK and that is the show I saw.  If you've tried and loved the V Slicer as much as I think I am going to love it, feel free to leave a comment here.  If you hated it, feel free to do the same but be fair on why. 


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