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Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer Review

Updated on November 17, 2010

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"I have tried different brands of demolition hammers for several years. This Bosch demolition hammer is my favorite so far. It's definitely the lightest and smallest demolition hammer I've ever used before. Although it has a compact size, it is as powerful as its competitors in the same class. Plus, the SDS max demolition hammer bits now are easy to buy in most hardware retailers, and this is really helpful for me to speed up the work. "

"This tool has a very strong power in its lightweight, small body. It makes my job easier by punching through a 4" slab smoothly. If you are a remodel builder like me, you would be as impressed as I was to see how it works. It also makes the hard soil like a warm butter by the attached shovel. I just wondered why I did not get this tool earlier."

"When I first saw my order of this Bosch demolition hammer, I was kind of disappointed because I thought it would be like a larger 'brute breaker' hammer. After I gave this tool a try, I knew that I did not have to return it. This is exact what I need. I used it to dig the 'hardpan' clay ground around my house that was almost impossible to work by any hand tool. Now I am happy for my choice!"

Planning on breaking a 4 inch thick concrete? Digging a 16 inch deep footer? Or are you hollowing a 30 inch deep fence post hole? If any of these situations are on your working list, the Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer would be the best and only tool you would need to get your work done easily and perfectly.

The Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer is a professional demolition hammer with great power but in a lightweight and small size. The Bosch demolition hammer is only 22.5 pounds, and 25.3 inch in length. It is the smallest and lightest demolition hammer you can find in its class. Not equal to its size, this hammer generates huge energy with a 14 amp motor, from 4.4 to 18.4 ft./lbs. and 900 to 1,890 no-load beats per minute. While operating the demolition hammer, you just need to press steadily and firmly, instead of pushing hard, and this hammer would do the rest. The ergonomic design of the Bosch demolition hammer provides the maximum comfort for your working experience. The pistol-shaped body decreases the vibration from operation. The 360 degree rotating side handle allows a preferred holding position. The Constant Response circuitry gives a soft start and keeps the power going in a stable manner. The Bosch demolition hammer has other smart features that provides you efficiency and saves your time. The SDS-max system helps to change bits quickly and easily. The 12-position Vario-Lock perfects the working angle of the spade or gouge. The six-speed setting dial applies to a great range of chipping, from plaster to concrete.

If you are a fan of Bosch tools, then you might want to consider the Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder.  This grinder has been a tool that I have used for many years and have liked very much.


  • SDS-max bit system with automatic bit locking for a quick and easy bit change
  • Different levels of speed dial for various chipping applications
  • Constant Response Circuity for a soft start, stable power, and overload protection
  • Service Minder light for preventative maintenance indication
  • Vario-Lock with 12 different positions for rotating and locking chisel


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