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Bosch Barino Espresso Machine

Updated on January 26, 2010

A model of simplicity, the Bosch Barino espresso machine gives you the tools you'll need to make great espresso, cappuccino, and latte without a lot of elbow grease. To take the guesswork out of brewing, this espresso coffee maker comes with a 54mm pressurized style portafilter that accommodates ground coffee in both its single and double shot filter baskets. In addition, the Barino features a unique steam wand that makes frothing and steaming milk for your cappuccinos and lattes a breeze. And to make overall use easy, the Barino also has a removable reservoir and extremely simple controls - a single on/off switch and a well-marked knob for switching between brewing and steaming. The Bosch Barino is available in black with silver accents and comes with a 7 gram coffee scoop and both single and double shot filter baskets.

Bosch Barino Espresso Machine Pressurized Portafilter

Pressurized portafilters are less dependent on the user being able to control the grind setting of their coffee grounds and the tamp pressure used to compact the grounds. This makes it easier to brew a great shot, and also makes the Barino more compatible with preground coffee.
Stainless Steel Boiler

For excellent temperature retention and long-lasting quality, the Bosch Barino features a stainless steel boiler. For the best performance over time, you should try descaling the boiler every 3 to 4 months to remove any calcium deposits the have settled in the boiler.

Bosch Barino Espresso Machine High Quality Controls with Temperature Ready Light

The Barino is equipped with one rocker switch and one control knob. The rocker switch controls the main power to the machine and features a red light to indicate when the machine is on, and when the machine is up to brewing temperature, a green light on the right front side of the machine illuminates. The control knob, which is on the right side of the silver brew group, has 4 settings. The up position puts the machine into standby mode when you aren't brewing or steaming. When you're ready to brew, turn the knob to the right and the machine will start brewing. To heat the machine to steam temperature, turn the knob to the left, and when the green light turns on again, turn the knob to the farthest left position to release steam.

Frothing Wand

The Barino's steam wand moves right or left to accommodate up to 20oz frothing pitchers. This wand also has a frothing aid tip to make frothing your milk simple. Make sure that your milk is absolutely ice cold and that you only ever try to froth up in an equally cold and totally obligatory metal container with a long handle. This will keep the milk cold and make for the best frothing.

Water Reservoir

For easy refilling, the Barino's 43oz reservoir can be removed and filled at the sink or filled in place.

Housing Construction

The compact and lightweight design of the Barino is complemented by its extremely aesthetically pleasing black and silver contemporary housing. It is definitely one of the finest and most attractive Italian styled modern coffee espresso machines that you can buy, but what else did you expect from the internationally renowned and justly famous Bosch brand?


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