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Bosch Porsche Thermal Coffee Maker

Updated on March 20, 2011

"Designed by F.A. Porsche, this Bosch drip coffee maker performs as beautifully as it looks." Housed within stylish brushed aluminum, this machine makes a great cup of coffee that will stay hot for hours in its 8-cup thermal carafe. The glass-lined carafe has a pressure-sensitive brewing valve to maximize flavor and heat retention. Looking almost identical to the carafe is a removable water reservoir that makes it easy to get water from any source. The unit also features 5-8 and 2-4 cup settings, adjusting the flow of water over ground coffee to get the best tasting product from any size batch. Bosch's Porsche coffee maker is available in brushed aluminum with navy blue accents.

Bosch Porsche Thermal Coffee Maker Controls

Simple and straightforward, there's no guesswork involved in the brewing process. The Porsche coffee machine has two buttons, which are located on the front lower left of the machine. A red button controls the water flow for different sized batches; press the top part of the button for a 5 to 8 cup pot and the bottom for a 2 to 4 cup pot. Selecting the number of cups begins the brewing process. Directly below the amount selection button is a navy blue off button. Due to the use of a thermal carafe, there is no hot plate and the machine automatically powers down after brewing, so this button's only real purpose is to stop the machine after the brewing process has begun. It's helpful in case you've chosen the wrong batch amount or quickly decide that you don't want coffee, but offers little function beyond that.

Bosch Porsche Thermal Coffee Maker Performance

Porsche lives up to its reputation for high-performance products with this coffee maker. Brewing at 200°F, the resulting coffee is much hotter than what most other machines produce. This higher temperature also brings out different flavor nuances from the grounds and creates a robust, well-balanced coffee. Without much control over the brewing process, you can't really fine-tune the product beyond adding more or less coffee and water. However, the overall quality of coffee is so good that you don't really miss those accoutrements. In addition, the glass-lined carafe keeps the coffee as hot and tasty as it was when you brewed it, so you can have another top quality cup long after the initial brewing time.

Bosch Porsche Thermal Coffee Maker Construction

A sleek and minimalist design combined with top quality parts creates a functional conversation piece. Bosch's Porsche coffee maker has a brushed aluminum exterior that provides a fashionable and sturdy housing. The reservoir and carafe are set side to side instead of front to back, reducing the depth of the machine and making this unit a great space saver. This unique placement also removes the need to peer over the top of the machine to reach components, like the reservoir, that are normally placed in the rear of drip coffee makers. Although the reservoir is removable, it only requires an additional 2 inches of vertical space to lift off of its base. Sitting above the carafe is the filter holder, which swings out to the front of the machine. When open, it adds another 4-5 inches of depth to the machine. To further save counter space, an open portion on the back of the coffee maker stores any slack from the power cord.

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    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 7 years ago from Toronto

      The Bosch site should have everything you need!

    • profile image

      Grace Coffee Junkie 7 years ago

      I have just visited the local appliance store, they don't have this brand of thermal coffee maker, any other brands you could recommend?