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Bosch Porsche Thermal Coffee Maker, Part II

Updated on March 20, 2011

Bosch Porsche Thermal Coffee Maker Carafe

Glass-lined, the thermal carafe can keep up to 8 cups of coffee hot for hours. The glass liner does add weight to the carafe, so it is a bit heavier than most carafes. A special brewing valve on the lid is only depressed when the carafe is sitting on its base, to allow coffee in. When the carafe is removed from the base, the valve springs upward, preventing air from entering and heat from escaping. To ensure that heat is retained, the lid must be in the fully closed position when brewing. An indicator dot on the lid lets you see easily if the lid is open or closed. When the dot is facing the handle of the carafe, it is closed. A simple 180° turn to the left will open the lid for pouring, however the instructions do state that the carafe is not hermetically sealed, so it should still be held straight up when the lid is closed to prevent leakage. Although the carafe does retain heat very well, it is always recommended to rinse it with hot water prior to brewing to further preserve the brewing temperature. It is also important to remove the carafe from its base after brewing. If the carafe remains on the base, the brewing valve will be pressed down and will allow heat to escape.

Hot Plate

The thermal carafe eliminates the need for a hot plate.

Bosch Porsche Thermal Coffee Maker Reservoir

The removable reservoir features a unique honeycomb-style water level indicator. The indicator is located on the front of the reservoir, so it is easy to view when the reservoir is in place. However, it is only on one side of the reservoir, so if you're right handed, you won't be able to view it while you fill the reservoir unless you hold it with your left hand. The top of the reservoir has a metal filter screen that will prevent any large sediments from making their way into your water, but it does swing vertically for you to fit the reservoir under a faucet or other extension if need be. The reservoir sits on a base located on the left side of the machine. Water is released through the bottom of the reservoir through a valve similar to that on the carafe. If you need to remove the reservoir when it is full, you should be aware that a small amount of water may leak from the bottom because of the release of this valve.

Bosch Porsche Thermal Coffee Maker Water Filtration

No water filtration system is included with the Porsche coffee machine. However, using bottled or filtered water is recommended to reduce scale build-up in the machine and to improve the taste of the coffee overall.

Bosch Porsche Thermal Coffee Maker Coffee Filter

A standard gold tone filter is included with this machine. This filter does not have the carrying handle that is found on many others. Instead, it features two cutouts on its plastic rim that you can fit your finger in to pull the filter out of the machine. This can make the filter a little more difficult to remove, especially if you have larger fingers. The filter holder will also accommodate a #4 paper filter.

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      Jim Seeger 6 years ago

      I'd like to buy the Bosch Porsche coffee pot. How do I do that?

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      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Thanks! :)

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      Gomet 8 years ago

      Looks very good ...Nice review