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Bougainvillea Plant

Updated on December 31, 2010

Bougainvillea is a beautiful flowering plant native to South American countries Brazil, Peru and Argentina. Lets take a look at some care tips, propagation, varieties and facts about this vine.

Care tips


They require a lot of water so provide them with it. Water regularly during the growing season i.e. spring and summer. 


The prefer full sun so plant them at a sunny location of your garden.


Grow Bougainvillea vines in well drained acidic soil that has plenty of humus. 


They don't like cold. So at freezing temperatures bring them indoor or cover the plant if it is planted in soil and can't be moved. They grow best in zones 9-11.


Fertilize them during the growing season. In winters fertilizing should be avoided.

Propagation (grow new Bougainvilleas)

The Bougainvillea plants can be propagated by using the method of stem cutting. Take a five to six months old healthy stem which is about three to five inches long. Remove all leaves and flowers from it and plant it into the potting mix. keep the mix mostly moist but do not over-water. Keep it at a location where it will get filtered light. Look for the new growth to occur in coming months.



There are many forms and varieties of Bougainvillea. They come in the form of vines, shrubs, bonsai and miniature forms for hanging baskets.

There are numerous varieties and cultivars of Bougainvilleas. A few of these varieties are mentioned below:

  • African Sunset
  • Miami Pink
  • New River
  • Blondie
  • Sundown Orange
  • Juanita Hatten
  • Rubra
  • Elizabeth Angus
  • Jamaica White
  • Double Pink
  • White Stripe
  • Crimson Red
  • Pixie Queen
  • Helen Johnson
  • Easter Parade
  • Twilight Delight
  • Royal Dauphine
  • Imperial Delight
  • Savitee
  • Apricot Dream
  • Bagen Beauty
  • Lady Baring


Bougainvillea Flowers are also known as paper flowers.

These plants are native to South America.

Bougainvillea plant is named after Admiral Louis de Bougainvillea. 


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