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Breadmaker, great kitchen gadget which is good as a present or gift for any occasion

Updated on September 1, 2012

Reward your beloved someone who is fond of cooking with something that is very useful and the same time will serve as a very memorable gift in special occasions like wedding, Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s day and the like. Having this kind of superb gadget will let the recipient make fresh loaf 24/7. Bread maker is a versatile companion as it will play a vital role in the kitchen. Moreover, bread maker will provide the recipient a lot of benefits like making homemade pastry products and saving money because there is no need for him to buy bread anymore.

Let him combine ingredients, then turn on and leave it to weave magic on its own, so simple eh, but this is true.

Breville Automatic Bread Maker

Here are important things a bread maker can do for you in the kitchen:

With a bread maker one can make bread loaves that are packed with added flavor to satiate hunger and leave a very good taste in the mouth. One may add nuts, seeds, and chopped fruits. Toss in sun-dried tomatoes, dried herbs or bits of ham and bacon, and voila, homemade bread is ready to be served as sandwiches for kids and adults.

Adding chocolate on the bread loaves will certainly satisfy those with sweet tooth. He can also combine bananas, peanut butter and honey to whip up a delicious sandwich.

With bread maker he can also make perfect dough for pizzas. Just let him select Dough Pizza setting, and presto! The bread maker will do all the work like the tedious kneading. Shape the dough as he desire. He can sprinkle the dough with his favorite toppings for the final touch and then bake in oven. This will let him save time and effort while he dishes out a flawless pizza craving.

The prolific and versatile Breville Bread Maker, video from YouTube

Another awesome gift idea: variable slicer

You may also give him other or another awesome gift, which is the variable slicer, which can cut meats thinly. With a variable slicer slicing of meat from .5mm to 8 mm. is way too easy and perfect for coming up with hams, cold cuts and fillets. A variable slicer processes fast so this gadget will help him save precious time and effort. It will also prevent him to precut vegetables all over again.

And the great bonus of having a variable slicer lets him have French fries cut in just a matter of seconds. These 1-2 combo kitchen gadgets are cinched to make the recipient’s life comfortable at the kitchen and also perfect for business.

The Kitchen Wizz Pro videos from YouTube

Thanks a lot for the read. If you have some feedback(s) feel free to shoot ‘em in the comment box below.

My seventh article in the HubChallenge.


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I have often thought about purchasing a breadmaker. The thought of the aroma and eating really fresh bread is appealing. You did a great job on this hub.