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Breaking Ground on Energy Efficient Luxury Homes

Updated on June 9, 2011

Energy Efficient Luxury Homes

As far as social trends are considered there have been relatively few that have had the same widespread impact as the consumer’s “green” movement. From revolutions in how consumer goods are packaged to changes in automobile energy systems to the development of the carbon footprint concept, the way goods and services are produced and sold to consumers have been greatly influenced by this “green” way of thinking. As a result, the luxury home building industry has been no exception and has also experienced a number of changing consumer demands. Customers want more than just a luxury home builder, they want a luxury home builder that employs energy efficient building materials, and understands how to integrate environmentally systems into their home plans. Consumers are now calling for luxury home builders to create beautiful energy efficient homes that function in harmony with the natural environment. As a response to these new demands, the luxury home building industry has had to find ingenious materials, and develop clever energy-saving systems to build homes that are not only easy on the eyes, but the environment as well.

Unfortunately, given the importance that consumers place on environmentally friendly practices, it is common to find home builders that simply say their homes are “green” without ever actually proving that this is true. However, there are also some luxury home builders that are not satisfied with just slapping a green label on their luxury home designs. These luxury home builders  take care to ensure that the home owner is aware of exactly which energy efficient systems can be included in the home design, and will provide a certification declaring the level of the home’s energy efficiency.

Luxury home builders with Built Green certification will allow their clients to choose from a number of energy saving systems that will:

-          Help you save on energy bills,

-          Keep harmful contaminants out of the air your family breathes,

-          Allow your home to work harmoniously with the natural environment.

Luxury home builders that offer Built Green homes will also provide you with certification guaranteeing the level of your home’s energy efficiency.

If it means a better future for our children and lower energy bills, why not build your luxury home to energy efficient standards? Contact Kensington Luxury Home Builders today to learn more about building a Built Green luxury home.  


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