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Breaking in

Updated on June 16, 2011

Today commenced with...

... me subconsciously hearing my name being called, whilst sleeping, and consciously hearing it called again. "Un momento, Manuel!" and I tiredly dressed, opened the door to my handyman (letting little Fredi through  the gap), and promptly closed it behind me. Oh! To prevent this from happening, I always put the keys on the outside when I get up and let the dogs out. However, my routine had been disturbed and I was soooooooo very tired.

Manuel had arrived, as agreed, to build some concrete steps at the back, which would lead to a small but secluded area where one could sit peacefully admiring the views.

Now not just tired but grumpy with it, neither of us could kick in the front or back door. A neighbour was driving by and stopped. I explained the situation and she kindly drove Manuel to his house to collect a hammer (mine was inside my home of course).

Fredi and I had to wait about half an hour and I wasn't in the mood to admire the gorgeous views but I did try relaxing and sat Fredi on my knees until she jumped off on seeing a squirrel. She's a "Terrier". A West Highland Terrier. Terriers won't stop their quests when there's one to be had. She sped over to this side of the fence and the squirrel was close to the other side and thought he/she was safe. BUT... Fredi forced her way through a corner gap and that was her! My calls for her to come to me were absolutely ignored. I was wearing my slippers so this wasn't going to be fun trying to climb the embankment to retrieve her.

At least the half hour occupied me!

They returned. I thanked my kind neighbour as she continued on up the mountain to her home at the top. Manuel, hammer in hand, retrieved some ladders that were waiting to be used to carry on painting the corrugated metal roof, and up he climbed to open up one of the roof sections.


Pulling out the roofing nails.

Oh no! Manuel's hammer broke whilst removing the 7th nail. Now what?


Getting through the gap.

Manuel started pulling up the roof strip.  I held it from the bottom whilst his thankfully slender self forced his way through the gap.


Good luck?

A happy and relieved bear.

[Note the Good Luck Scottish thistle 'n horse shoe door knocker.]



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