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Breath New Life into Your Home: Easy Upcycle Projects You Can Do On Your Own

Updated on April 24, 2015

Redecorating is a great way to say "out with the old, in with the new!", but what about all that leftover junk taking up space? What's old can become new again, so don't be so quick to toss out those unique coffee tables, night stands, accessories, books, and other neat stuff in your house. Upcycling, which is the technical term for turning those unwanted items into new, useable ones, doesn't have to be super complicated projects either. In fact, you can make creative upcycled furniture accents within hours with these super easy craft tips.

Shipping Palette Décor

Wood shipping crates are surprisingly useful for creating fresh home décor; especially the wooden pallets! Palettes are perfect for upcycling projects because you can make items ranging from garden accessories to actual furniture that you can use.

One of the best uses for wooden palettes are indoor gardens. Creating your own indoor garden is great if you're cooped up in a city apartment or if you want to add more fresh air to your home. The spaces in between wooden panels seem like they were literally made to hold those small plastic planters. To make sure your planters are going to stay in place however, hammer in a few more wooden panels or pieces for extra support. Once mounted to a wall, simply drop in your chosen planters into the racks; fresh herbs are particularly great for upcycled wall gardens in the kitchen!

These same wooden palettes are also great for making simple, quick, yet creative upcycled furniture for the home. Wooden palette furniture also looks cool in lofts, dorm rooms, and design offices. Once of the easiest ways to reuse those cheap metal tables and chairs is to remove their legs and nail them to the back of your shipping palette. Funky hairpin style tables look awesome on wooden crate tables, plus they're more of the easier of the furniture legs to upcycle.

Swing From a Bottle Chandelier

Plastic and glass bottle are perennial upcycling favorites. You can use them for a range of creative projects, like miniature gardens, school supply holders, fine art sculptures, holiday centerpieces, and even sparkling lighting fixtures. Creating a funky green glass chandelier can be fully realized with the help of vintage glass 7Up bottles, ginger ale bottles, rolling rock beer bottles, and any green tinted glass bottle for that matter.

Creating a glass bottle chandelier is also a good opportunity to repurpose that old broken lamp that's collecting dust. Forget the lamp and shade and just use that sturdy metal ring that holds the lightbulb in place. Create secure hooks for your glass bottles using wire or even large, thick paper clips. Fashion your hooks so you can fasten them tightly to your bottle necks and securely hang your bottles from the ring. Keep adding bottles to create a true arts n' crafts masterpiece!

Ready to start upcycling some stuff? Creating new furniture and décor out of your unwanted items is a great way to rediscover your old belongings, recall memories, and create innovative designs at home.


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      Maria Khan 2 years ago from Islamabad Pakistan

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