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BBL605XL Breville Hemisphere Control Blender Review

Updated on November 6, 2016

A Detail Look on BBL605XL Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

We feel no hesitation in enthusiastically recommending the BBL605XL Breville Hemisphere Control Blender to our readers because it perfectly fills the gap expensive commercial-grade blenders that cost an arm and a leg, and simpler ones that can only do a handful of things. This high-quality tool boasts restaurant-quality blending and ice crushing abilities and it’s very much worth its price – we heartily recommend it.

This blender works almost on level with the restaurant-quality Vitamix 5200 but at half the price. Experts write that it is sturdily built. Most reviewers feel that this Breville is all anyone would need for everyday home use – it’s our top pic for a general use blender.


From margaritas to soup, nearly flawless results. Editors at Cook’s Illustrated matched the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender against their favorite high-end blender, the Vitamix 5200 and the Breville rose to the challenge beautifully.

Editors gushed that the Breville breezed through every test they performed. It can prepare delicious hummus, frozen-fruit smoothies, crushed ice and margaritas. The Vitamix made kale smoothies and milkshakes that were a little more perfect than the Breville, but the two blenders were declared co-winners in that area. Chef Jesse Schenker for Men’s Journal actually likes the Breville better than the expensive Vitamix. He reports that the Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere can do everything from apple puree to potato soup effortlessly.

The Breville isn’t daunted by ice – Laura Moser of The Wall Street Journal raves about its ice-crushing ability. Users writing reviews at are similarly positive – one owner writes that the blender creates blended coffee drinks that could give Starbucks a run for their money, and that it crushes ice better than any blender she’s used. A 25-year veteran bartender reviewed the blender on – he wrote that he makes thousands of frozen drinks with it every week at work. He rated the product with five stars.

Tips and Tricks of Breville BBL605XL

Ease of Use

Dishwasher safe and more intuitive than others. Reviewers have remarked on the Breville BBL605XL’s ease of use. Men’s Journal’s Schenker feels that it benefits from intuitive design and he praises its helpful features: illuminated buttons, cord storage, ring pulls for the lid and power cord, and timer are all good.

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It boasts five speeds as well as buttons for pulse, ice-crush and smoothie. The smoothie feature works for a minute and alternates between blending and pulsing, and creates smoothies effortlessly, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Moser.

Reviewers especially like the large 48-ounce jar. Users report that, unlike other blenders, you don’t have to tamp down the ingredients to keep them near the blades. The snug-fitting lid prevents leaks, as does the pullout cap in the lid’s center. This cap serves as a measuring cup and also allows the addition of ingredients while blending: a handy feature. The BBL605XL Breville Hemisphere Control Blender's wide-lipped jug earned praise from Most users, who likes that it’s helpful for klutzes who might otherwise make spills.

Check This Video A Quick Review

Find This Blender at Best Price on Amazon reviewers remark that cleanup is easy with this blender. One reviewer likes that this blender’s pitcher is easier to clean than other models. The Breville’s blades, like those of the Vitamix, can’t be detached from the jug. However, the Breville claims that its lid and jug are dishwasher safe, whereas the Vitamax’s are not.


Stylish, sleek and sturdy (so far). Many reviewers call the appearance of the Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control beautiful. The Wall Street Journal calls it a “head-turner.” The blender feels sturdy and weighty, due to its brushed-metal base. It looks nice in a kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The blender is 8 inches deep and 6.5 inches wide so its footprint is a bit smaller than the Vitamix 5200. It will fit into the standard space between cabinets and counter, because it’s 17 inches tall.

Let’s Find the Similarities and Differences Between BBL605XL and Vitamix 5200


This is a recent model so durability is a question. Breville had an earlier model that was similar – the BrevilleIkon Hemisphere LCD BBL600XL. This model got good reviews from experts including testers at Good Housekeeping, but some users had problems with leaking. The BBL605XL Breville Hemisphere Control Blender has benefited from some redesigned features (including the pitcher), and we found no complaints on regarding leaks from experts or users. The Breville BBL605XL’s only low ratings on the site came from one person who reports tht the rubber tip fell off one of the blender’s legs, and another who writes that the plastic plate detached from the bottom.

Editors at Cook’s Illustrated honored the Breville with the highest rating available for durability after a month-long abuse test. Two features caught reviewers’ attention – first, just like the Vitamix 5200, the Breville will automatically turn off if blending is too difficult, rather than overheating. Second, both blenders feature a very strong BPA-free material in their jars (Eastman Tritancopolyester). This material tends to stand up to pressures of impact, water pressure, heat and dishwasher chemicals than polycarbonate jars.

Cook’s Illustrated Editors predict that if the Breville stands the test of time they will declare it the winner over the contest with the high-quality but expensive Vitamix. The Breville’s durability is a question partly because its warranty (one year) is so much shorter than the Vitamix’s seven year warranty.

Breville Hemisphere Control Vs Oster Versa Blenders


Limited noise. As blenders go, this one is very quiet, according to editors at Cook’s Illustrated. The BBL605XL Breville Hemisphere Control Blender won the contest measuring decibels – it’s slightly quieter than the Vitamix 5200. users mostly agree. They say that the Breville is surprisingly quiet, and quieter than expected. One reviewer felt that it was as loud as a Vitamix on hard foods or ice, but much quieter on softer foods, however a few others felt the noise levels were about the same.

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