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Breville BES860 Coffee Machine Review

Updated on July 6, 2012

My Coffee Machine

Having made coffee in hospitality for many years I like many others have become a coffee addict, you know how it goes your day just does not start until that morning cup of your favorite brew. Then you start thinking about that mid morning hit, like a crazed person , if you do not get that hit the headaches start you loose your temper the whole world just does not seem right without caffeine pouring through your veins.

I went 6 months with out an espresso machine in the house, survived with a plunger, after some research and finding something in our budget I made the big choice.

I spent hours looking at espresso machines on the internet , researching prices and features. I found youtube to be helpful as well to see how the coffee machines works. My husband Jamie was getting a bit frustrated with me and just wanting me to make a choice.

It is a lot of money , so I did not want to make the wrong choice.
If money was not a problem then my choice would have been easy but I do not think $3000 was in our budget, it would be nice to be rich , I will keep buying lotto tickets.

I never thought I would buy a Breville , I changed my mind after reading reviews and thought well it is in our budget, I do not have to buy a grinder, it is compact for our kitchen and we had vouchers from our credit card to use in store so we could spend even less.

Setting up was nice and easy with washing out the water tank and soaking the water filter.

Now the job of setting the grind , we had a choice of 2 lots of filters and as I knew what I was doing I picked the option where I had to set the grind just right and the dose and the tamp.

Don't panic they have a set of group heads to use that you just set the grind to how they say and it makes sure you can achieve a nice extraction.

It did take me a few goes to get the grind right , i will be putting some videos up soon about this machine so make sure you come back.

A few things i have found is you do not leave to many beans in the hopper as the heat will destroy your beans freshness.

Also do not let the water run down to low, it happens quick so i just top it up on each use.

It will not let you steam milk at the same time as extracting your shots, i always do my shots first and then milk.

The machine warms up very fast so you do not need to leave it on or wait ten minutes, it is ready in under a minute.

The picture below is my first pour, not to bad , the steam is not to bad for this machine and it comes with an attachment if you want frothy milk, i always go for a cream texture without bubbles the Barista way.

My first coffee with the Breville BES860

My first coffee with the Breville BES860
My first coffee with the Breville BES860


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