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Bring Summer’s Luxurious Warmth Home

Updated on June 15, 2017
One of the major trends; bringing the indoors outside.  Capture the essence of summer with all its rich colors!
One of the major trends; bringing the indoors outside. Capture the essence of summer with all its rich colors!

Summer, with all its color, breeziness, warm memories and inviting sense of fun and relaxation is with us again! Are you thinking of planning a few casual, or not-so-casual gatherings in your home during the next few months? If so, we hope this article will inspire you to bring in all the colors, textures and lightness that befits the season. Luckily, in sun-drenched Southern California, summer never truly goes out of season! Here’s a look at some of the trends we’ve been sharing with our clients at Interior Affairs.

Let the Colors In

We believe that your home’s décor should be a reflection of who you are. In this reflective perspective, you can think about the three trending color palettes for 2017 as either Confident, Composed or Comfortable.

Confident paint colors include dusky blues, spicy reds and bright, lime greens. If you’re not sure you want that much drama, you can still add splashes of these colors along with a more subdued complementary color palette for the walls. If bold and brilliant is really who you are, consider making your statement with orange accents in a saturated green space.

Maybe the Composed palette is a better mirror of who you are. In this case, you could pick a rich color such as a dark, mineral gray. Also in this palette, earthy greens and taupe will add to the space that traditionalists are seeking to create within a contemporary space. A robust teal or polished aqua could add life to a minimalist home office while black and white accessories add a dash of elegance to the setting. Taupe and earthy green create a feeling of serenity and could be wonderful for a den or bedroom.

Perhaps you’re more of a quiet introvert. The Comfortable palette, composed of light pinks, blues and yellows may elegantly reveal who you are to your guests as you invite them into your sanctuary. Colors like Rose Quartz or Dusted Yellow create an elegant femininity which might be perfect for a master bedroom or a sewing room.

Add Extra Texture

Adding fresh plants to any room introduces dashes of summer’s bright colors and introduces new, organic textures that continue to evoke summer’s sense of warm calm. We especially like bougainvillea because they are so saturated in color and introduce a Mediterranean flair but if your preference is for a more subdued feel, pink dahlias or lilies will bring in more pastels that you can creatively pair with your other accessories and the room’s main color scheme.

Another texture trend is the use of marble. Marble’s wide range of colors make it an easy addition to pair with some of the color schemes we’ve been sharing in this article. It’s also a beautiful complement to other textures such as metallic elements – especially golden, copper or bronze.

Speaking of metallic elements, polished nickel and silver are once again in vogue along with a new element – white plaster. If you like the look of white plaster but are concerned about its fragility, some manufacturers are using a resin that resembles white plaster so you can still have the look in a sturdier form. This trend towards a ‘white washed’ look is also extending to furniture where dark woods are being painted white or another pale, chalky color.

Subway tiles have also been growing in popularity recently. They’re timeless, fit almost any design and come in a wide variety of colors.

Terracotta tiles are still another fun way to introduce both color and texture. Terracotta can be used as floor tiles, or a wall covering. You can also add it to the indoor plant theme and bring in some terracotta pots for your indoor plants. Terracotta is also a natural pairing with the color schemes we discussed earlier; consider combining red terracotta file with cobalt blue if your tastes range toward the Confident color palette.

Bringing the Indoors Outside

This trend, which actually started several years ago continues to grow in popularity. It creates a seamless transition from your home to your outdoor space using outdoor rugs, ottomans and side tables, layered blankets and throw pillows. It includes decorating with furniture and décor that looks like it was created for the indoors. If the feeling of warm nights spent sipping a glass of wine under the stars sounds like you, what better time than the summer to make this vision your reality?

This trend is replacing the sleek modern look of concrete furniture with warmer, more organic materials like rattan and teak. It harkens back to a more rural, rustic time. Think of adding teak tables and chairs that age beautifully outdoors and done in a way that is very tailored and clean for a softer look.

Summer’s Long Days Pass Quickly

You can summer’s luxurious warmth to your home in time to still enjoy it in season. The first step is arranging a consultation with Vickie Daeley and the design team at Interior Affairs. We have over 25 years’ experience in helping our clients express their aspirations in beautiful ways. To learn more about us, please visit or phone us at either 714-970-8000 or 949-640-5000.



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