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Brushed Nickel Knobs - What You Should Know

Updated on March 22, 2011

I must admit that when my wife said that she wanted brushed nickel knobs for all of our interior doors I was a little skeptical. I tend to be something of a tightwad and it just didn't sound like the best use of our home improvement dollars when there are so many other things that need attention around the house. I felt like we needed new door knobs as much as we needed a solid gold toilet. As is usually the case, however, I was soon to be proven dead wrong.

So we went to the store to take a look at the brushed nickel offerings, and they did look nice but so did the other three thousand types of knobs and fixtures. At this point I still wasn't convinced but my wife was adamant and the salesman was persuasive so we took the plunge.

Upon arriving home I dumped the bag of shiny new knobs on the counter and forgot about them for a few days. I wasn't looking forward to the project but as you might have guessed my wife put her foot down pretty quickly and one fine weekend I finally got around to the work of removing the old, brass knobs and installing the new ones.

A few hours later, our brand spanking new brushed nickel knobs in place, I stood back to admire the work. The new look knocked my socks off, in all honesty. The visual improvement was dramatic, to my surprise, and it occurred to me just how much of a disservice we were doing to the rest of our home to keep those old brass knobs around all this time.

I really have yet to come across a similar home improvement solution that offers as much benefit for the cost. New nickel knobs will add a level of class and modernity to your home that you never thought possible, no matter how much your husband or significant other might at first object! Just go for it and I know you'll be pleased. I think next we'll look into some brushed nickel lighting, as well. If she wants to go with a brushed nickel chandelier then I just might have to relent.

There is one final piece of advice I would offer.  If at all possible make sure the background for your satin nickel hardware is white.  The contrast between the two colors is what really sets off the beauty of the metal.  So while it will still look okay against the background of an old, brown-stained oak door, it will look positively awesome if you refinish the door and paint it white.  If you want to get as much mileage as possible out of your upgrade to brushed nickel knobs then heed this sage advice.


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