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Budget interior ideas for your RV

Updated on January 7, 2016

To own an RV is not the same as owning any other vehicle. You use your car and motorcycle to get from one place to another, but your RV is used for something more. It serves the purpose of transporting you and your family as much as it serves the purpose of being your home – regardless if you settled somewhere permanently, or you have chosen to live in the RV.

Everyone who purchased an RV and uses it frequently will tell you that it is not always easy. There is cleaning services and maintenance that must be performed on a regular basis, plus lots of things that those living in houses never have to think about. But if there is one thing everyone can agree on, it is that nothing quite compares to having the open road in front of you and the beauty of the landscape passing by. It is an experience that gives you a lot and can change the way you think of life.

It takes a certain understanding and commitment to travelling. Apart from that, it requires your own RV camper. And if that is going to be your home on wheels, it makes sense to focus on making it a great one. You want it to be as comfortable as possible, you want it to reflect your own style and at the same time you have to consider one main factor: budget.

For sure you will want luxury and posh, a truly great looking vehicle, with all the features you can include.You can check the latest interior ideas in this video:

Modern RV Interiors

You may want luxury and posh, a truly great looking vehicle, with all the features you can include, but the truth is most of the times you will be stuck with a lot less. Regardless of what type your recreational vehicle is, you will likely have to spend some money on interior.

The truth is most of the times you will be stuck with a lot less. Regardless of what type your recreational vehicle is, you will likely have to spend some money on interior.

Once you are certain that you want to remodel your RV, you have to know where to start from in order to have an interior that pleases you. There are some projects that you can consider, all of which you can accomplish fairly easily with a small budget.

- Flooring – many campers come with old floor that is in bad shape. If you want to go from the 80s to the present, perhaps it is a good idea to consider peel and stick flooring. This is a good option when you consider factors such as price, floor cleaning needs and looks. Whether you want to remove the original floor or install the new one directly on it is up to you. Just make sure you measure and install the components properly. Take your time and soon enough your will have a great floor.


- Upholstery – when you consider what type of upholstery you want for your RV, always keep in mind one thing: it will require upholstery cleaning sooner or later. That said make sure you pick a type of upholstery that is easy to clean. Leather is expensive, so when you are working on a budget, you can consider nylon fabric or faux vinyl, which mimics leather and suede.


- Window treatments – you do not have to invest in posh and heavy curtains. In fact, often time light and airy curtains look far better in an RV. They will let more sunlight in and retain a sense of open space. Plus, it is easy to deal with them as far as curtain cleaning is concerned.


- Walls – normally you have to consider paint or wallpaper for the walls of your RV. Wallpapers tend to be tricky, and if you bought a camper with wallpapers on the walls, it is a good idea to remove it, do some serious cleaning and then carefully paint. Consider that there might be many areas inside that are difficult to reach, so you will find yourself working with a brush more often than a roller. All of this can be done with some free time and concentration so that you do not have to spend additional money on the project.


As far as working on your walls is concerned, you might want to take into account one thing – if you are going to use your RV in the winter season, you should definitely consider insulation. Winters can get rough and being closed in a cold RV is definitely not a situation you want to find yourself in. Insulating your vehicle can be costly, but if you only have a small budget to spare, there are smart ways you can get around the problem. Here are few ideas that you can consider, especially if you are not a professional and you don’t have a lot to spare:

Playful and Quirky Airstream


- Use reflective insulation and window plastic – using this material around a window will definitely make a very big difference during the cold days of winter. Simply place the insulation over the window and hold it with a double sided tape. Be careful when you seal the plastic as you definitely do not want any air movement. Consider what type of tape you use, as you will have to stick it on wall finish and it is easy to damage that if you are not careful. Painter’s or Gaffer’s tape make a good option in that regard, as it is unlikely for them to cause any damage to the finish. Plus, it is an easier cleaning service when you have to take it off.


-Styrofoam and fiberglass insulation – both types of these types of insulations can be used in your RV, depending on your budget. What you have to keep in mind is that they require more effort in order to install, but are a way better alternative to anything else you can implement.


-Hang textiles and blankets for an additional layer of protection – on top of every other method of insulation, you can add this for even better results. Simply hang blankets and textiles over the windows and doors. It is a simple solution, yet an effective one.

-Consider some floor cover – other than the walls of your RV, you have to take measures against the cold coming from the floor. A simple solution would be to lay some foam matting, which you normally see in children playrooms. It is easy to resize and make it follow the outline of your interior and it makes floor cleaning easy. The matting will keep your feet much warmer during the winter.


As you work on your insulation, you might encounter a problem – not knowing where the wall studs of your RV are. This is an issue for many RV owners. While it is true that residential homes have buildings codes that include the location of studs, this is often not the case with RVs. Here are some useful hacks that can help you with this:

  • The interior is usually attached to the wall studs with rivets. Look for those in order to locate the studs.
  • Acquire a stud finder. Magnetic and electronic devices such as these are fairly cheap and can be used to help you find both metal and wooden studs.
  • The studs may be outlined on the outside of your RV. Usually it is easier to spot them early in the morning, while there is dew on the exterior walls of the vehicle.
  • Infrared thermometer can help you with locating the studs as well. Studs are not insulated and therefore are cooler than the wall paneling, especially if it is already insulated.
  • Push the wall paneling with your hands 10 inches apart and see where the panel bends and where it feels solid. Simple enough.

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A common issue you will have to deal with when it comes to RV interior is securing the furniture so that it does not move around as you drive around. There are few options you can consider when you are working on a budget.

-Bolt the furniture – a typical solution would be to bolt the furniture to the floor of your vehicle. Even though it is popular, this option is also not favoured, as many people would rather prefer to be flexible. Bolting the furniture would mean that you have to navigate through the interior more, which makes cleaning service more difficult.


-Use Velcro straps – the product is available in many stores, and is an alternative to bolting the furniture in order to secure it. Velcro will fasten the chairs to the wall so that it does not move around when you are going downhill.


-Use bungee cords – this will allow you to secure furniture to the wall and prevent it from moving around the RV.


There are many smart solutions that you can use in your RV when it comes to acquiring interior on a budget. Just be creative and remember that even if something does not seem that great at first, it might just do the trick. If you are happy with the result that means you have done a good job and you can enjoy your trips.

Every camper owner has already found out how fun and rewarding it is. The employees of Cleaning Services Cleaners Ltd know best. They enjoy a completely free RV to use for their holidays. It looks like this company has found the way to satisfy its workers. Even without having an employer as great as the mentioned, if you truly devote yourself to a remodeling project, you can easily have the vehicle of your dreams!


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