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Build A Lean To Greenhouse Plans

Updated on June 20, 2011
Lean To Greenhouse
Lean To Greenhouse

Build A Lean To Greenhouse

Lean to greenhouses are designed specifically to be attached to an existing structure. The design of the lean to is nice for a smaller yard but yet is nice and roomy inside. Save money in materials as you only need three sides with the great lean to greenhouse. Design your lean to greenhouse to be attached to your house and have it double as a sun room.

Build a medium size lean to greenhouse as an addition to your house and reserve one side for your plants and one side for a sun room to sit in and relax while you enjoy your plants. Get easy to follow step by step instructions for building your own lean to greenhouse from

Attach your lean to greenhouse to a shed or garage. There are so many options for a greenhouse.

Visit for more information and get your plans and many extras now!!

Lean To Greenhouse
Lean To Greenhouse
Lean To Greenhouse Frame
Lean To Greenhouse Frame


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    • profile image

      Plastic Greenhouse Guy 7 years ago

      Ive built my own lean to greenhouse and it worked great! the vegetables i have in it grow quickly and effectively and best of all it cost a fraction of the price of a larger purchased one. Give it a go i'd say!