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Build Your Own Wine Rack: DIY Wine Rack Designs

Updated on July 23, 2017

Your Experience with Building Your Own Wine Rack?

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This is the Wine Course My Husband Had Purchased for Me for Christmas!

While I wouldn’t necessarily dub myself a wine aficionado or connoisseur, my husband and I have come to very much enjoy the taste of wine. Up until Christmas 2012, when I had received several books that detail the more exquisite labeling of wine and various classifications of its taste, my extent of enjoying it really only reached as far as my purchasing a random bottle with an attractive label at our local Wine and Spirits store. This was truly attractive advertising at its finest. Sometimes the wine lived up to the hype of the label, but, other times, my palate rejected it completely.

With a relatively short amount of time, my husband and I really began to accrue quite a substantial amount of wine bottles. Generally low priced for decent merlots or my other red wine favorites, it was easy to accrue so much over a short period of time.

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Like my husband and I, if you own more than a few bottles of wine at a time, you're probably familiar with the issues of storage involved. To keep your bottles safe, you must store them properly. The best way to do this is to either purchase or build wine storage racks yourself.

A great way to save money in this process is to build your own wine rack. DIY wine rack designs are readily available and not too difficult to build; a cursory knowledge of woodworking and a willingness to learn are really all you'll need. Building your own wine racks will save money and provide a custom solution to your storage issues.

This article is all about DIY wine racks and the best ways to implement them. We'll talk about how to build your own wine rack and the various design choices you have, based on your needs. We'll touch on cost, and point you towards some good wine storage rack plans.

Let's begin!

Benefits to Building Your Own Wine Rack:

There are some real benefits to building your own wine rack that might sway you. Obviously purchasing a pre-made storage solution is the easiest way to go, but there are reasons to consider a DIY wine rack option.


Money, of course! A DIY wine rack solution will be far cheaper than any purchased choice, especially if you have more than a few bottles to store. The larger the number of bottles, the more elaborate and expensive your storage solution will need to be. It doesn't matter if you choose a wall mount wine rack or a floor to ceiling model, a DIY wine rack will almost always be cheaper. It gets even more expensive if you can 'upcycle' a current piece of furniture you already have.

Custom Fit:

One big benefit of a DIY wine rack design is that you can customize it to fit your home perfectly. Pre-built storage racks aren't always a great fit. If you build your own wine rack you can be certain that it will be made for the required space and it will match your décor well enough.


If you build your own wine rack system you can make sure it's modular. If your taste in wine increases or your collection grows, wouldn't it be nice to be able to easily add further storage capacity to your cellar? A homemade wine rack will allow for easy modification and additional storage space.

Different Types of Wine Racks To Build: DIY Wine Rack Options

There are a lot of different ways you can go about building your own wine rack in your home. The sky is the limit as long as you follow the basic rules of storage: wine with a cork should be stored horizontally to keep it from drying out (in general). Wine should be kept at a cool, constant temperature, and should be prevented from shifting and colliding with other bottles. Bonus points if you allow for easy reading of the labels.

Here are a few design concepts to help get your plans worked out in your mind:

Storage Space:

When building your own wine rack, it's worthwhile to consider the actual 'cubbies' that the wine will fit into. These storage slots are important because they'll hold the bottle securely and horizontally in place.

Some people will use a diamond pattern inside a shelf or cupboard. This diamond lattice is perfect for holding bottles in place, and it's easy to implement: simply add crossed diagonal slats to the front and back of an open-backed cupboard. You can make the diamonds big enough for several bottles, or just one per hole. This is one of the easiest DIY wine rack chioces for this reason.

You can create square cubbies for individual bottles. This keeps them nice, secure and safe from light damage. It is a bit more labor intensive to create all the little shelves, but it will look nice.

A third option for bottle storage is to simply add small slats to flat shelf space. The slats only have to be about an inch high to prevent the bottles from rolling around and shifting. This can be an easy one to implement: existing shelving can easily be modified to this purpose.

Placement and Mounting:

Another thing to consider before you build your own wine rack is where the storage unit will be placed. You'll want to find a cool, dry place with minimal light contamination if you really want to keep your bottles nice and preserved. A DIY wine cellar is a good option for this.

You should decide the dimensions of your wine storage racks, and whether you want to go with a floor unit or a wall mounted wine rack instead. There are advantages to wall mount wine storage, and it allows you to maximize your space. This is good if your 'cellar' is going to serve other purposes.

DIY Wine Racks: Build Your Own Wine Rack Plans

If you've come this far and you now have an idea what you'd like to build, you can check out some of these plans. They are very good, and they can be modified to suit your purposes. When you're learning how to build your own wine rack be sure to follow directions well and measure to exact specifications. If you don't have a lot of experience, it's not a bad idea to get someone with a little woodworking talent to help you out. They may require a bottle or two as payment though!

There are some good plans available at lovetoknow wine, and you can check them all out here.

Another good way to get some ideas for how to build your own wine rack is to check out google images. There's no perfect way to build the things, and as long as it keeps your bottles secure and safe it's perfectly fine to be creative. I've posted a picture of a cool storage rack above to give you an idea of the possibilities!

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