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Build a Shed with Wood

Updated on August 15, 2020
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There are many craft projects that wood craftsmen enjoy. Building a shed is excellent for creating a workshop or a storage facility. .

The Wood Shed

A single room wood shed.
A single room wood shed. | Source

Building a Wooden Shed

As an amateur or professional woodworker, building a shed is a pleasant undertaking. You simply purchase ready-made plans or download free plans from an internet source.

Are you a do-it-yourself person? You may choose to create and design a personal blueprint. If by chance you do not have a computer, use graph paper and a pencil to sketch your wood shed.

Visualize your shed, measure available land space, and size of desired building. Let the software in the computer generate a visual scale model. No computer? Paper and a pencil drawing on graph paper will do the job.

The benefits of a wood shed include entertaining, gardening, yard work, work shop, studio, and storage needs.

The advantages of owning a wood shed are longevity, easy repair, low maintenance, and personalized to satisfy your needs and activities.

Purchasing a ready-made wood shed is more expensive than building your own. A do-it-yourself shed costs a few dollars or nothing.


Before starting your project, do you need a building permit or any other legal matter before starting? Do you need permission from your homeowner’s association?

Lumber Department

Man working in the lumber department of a large box store.
Man working in the lumber department of a large box store. | Source

Types of Building Woods

Redwood (red) and Cedar (yellow), and Cypress (shades of amber brown). All of these woods, with the establishment of life, will turn to a silver-gray color if not stained or painted. Transparent stains are applied to prevent the natural color change that occurs with aging and adds a water repellent feature.

Qualities of Wood

  1. Natural beauty
  2. Will last for decades
  3. Flat and straight lumber
  4. Easy to cut and attach
  5. Lightweight
  6. Insulating qualities
  7. Prevents moisture and decay

Other woods to be considered include the Douglas fir, Pine, and Spruce – Interior and exterior grades

These are popular wood options for framing lumber. The are pressure treated for wet locations to prevent rot and insect damages.

Shed Windows

A glass window installed in a wood shed.
A glass window installed in a wood shed. | Source


Windows are installed for light, air flow, venting, or as a decorator item. Shutters protect or decorate the windows. They usually make the window frames from aluminum, or you may make wooden frames.

Window Styles:

Windows are square, octagon, vertical, rectangle, and circular in shape. They may have screens or not. The windows may open by sliding, lifting, cranking, or stationary.

Pitched Roof

Shed with a pitched roof.
Shed with a pitched roof. | Source


The weather, longevity, your local zoning authority, and roofing skills will determine roofing materials.

  1. Asphalt shingles, Clay/concrete tiles
  2. Wood shingles
  3. Metal roofing
  4. Green roofs

There are less expensive materials to build a roof. However, it is best to work with roofing materials that will not leak, rust, or require frequent maintenance.

The roof selected will determine the roofing materials. If in doubt, design the pitch of the roof identical to your house roof. This will help solve waterproofing problems and give a unified look with the house.


Will your shed be a permanent fixture or will it be portable?

Choice of flooring is dirt, gravel, stone, concrete slab, or waterproofed wood.


Shelves line the side walls.
Shelves line the side walls. | Source

Furniture and Accessories

As a woodworker you may consider making wood tables and chairs, workbench, shelving, and storage containers for the interior.

The exterior may have flower boxes, or a decorator item of your choosing. An example is a windmill. A rocking chair or a swing for a leisure break. Wood can be used to make anything. Your choices start with utilitarian needs and advance to arts and crafts.

Steps to Building a Shed

This is the order to get started building your shed.

  1. Obtain a building permit, permission, or other legal requirements
  2. Set up a concrete slab or a wooden floor
  3. Build wall framework
  4. Install roof supports
  5. Cover walls with wood selection
  6. Complete a finished roof
  7. Paint or stain the building.
  8. Build shelves, cupboards, storage units, and other accessories

Building Tools

A carpenter using his hammer.
A carpenter using his hammer. | Source


Make a tool list. The easiest method of making a list is to visualize the building process.

Tool choices include manual, and electric. Electric tools are supported with electric power or batteries. Use tools that you own, rent, or borrow.

Ground tools

  1. Shovel and rake
  2. Marker stakes
  3. Level
  4. Measuring tape and Carpenter’s pencil
  5. Carpenter’s square or framing square
  6. Chalk line or twine

Construction tools

  1. Hammer, screwdriver, and pliers
  2. Manual, electric, or battery operated saw, drill, screwdriver, and nail gun
  3. Personal Safety equipment
  4. Wood clamps, chisel
  5. Wood glue, nails, screws
  6. Ladders
  7. Windows (sealant, spray foam)

Staining or Painting

  1. Wood stains or paints
  2. Brushes, rollers, roller pan, spray gun
  3. Caulking gun
  4. Water or recommended cleaning agents

You may have most of these tools. If not, borrow from neighbors or family, or rent those that are one-time usage. (Do not forget to return borrowed tools.)

Save labor and time by buying per-cut lumber. Another choice is to have your hardware store cut the lumber for you according to your measurements.

Are you a woodworker?

Are you a diy person or prefer to hire?

See results

How To Build A Shed Yourself


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