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Build Your Own Home

Updated on June 2, 2010

Did you know that you're the kind of person that can build your own home? Now, don't laugh. Many people scoff at the idea that they are capable of building their own home. They think that they don't have the creativity, the construction ability, the design know-how or the time to build their own home. But that's not true. If you have the will to put in some time, learn from your mistakes and go with the flow, you can build your own home. And what better place to live than a home that you put your whole heart in to building?

When you build your own home, you create it to be exactly the way that you want it to be. This is what makes it more than just a house. It is a home, where you can raise your family and enjoy your activities, knowing that you are living each day in a place that you have made perfect for yourself. Every time that you turn the knobs on the shower that you selected for your ideal bathroom setting or you sit down on the porch swing located on the deck that overlooks the sunset, you'll feel comfortable and at peace. You'll feel at home.

And when you build your own home, you appreciate it. You know about the work that went in to making the plumbing work correctly. You understand the intricacies of the layout of the rooms. You are glad that you can hang the shelves that you want to hang but you know that it's because of you own hard work in making the kind of durable walls that you knew were perfect for you. And your appreciation of this home will fill it with more love than you can image. It will also make it easier to deal with home repair problems when they arise. First of all, you have the knowledge of how the home started to help you with getting it fixed. And second, you care enough about the home to make the repairs as soon as they need to be made, preventing problems down the line.

But most importantly, when you build your own home, you build memories with the people that you love. Many people might have a hand in helping you to build your home. A friend may come over to help with the painting. A mentor may give you advice about the way that the windows should be placed in the walls. When these people come to visit you at the home that you have built, they will feel welcome, like they are coming home in a way as well. And if you spend a large portion of time building a home with another person, you create the kind of memories that will last throughout the time that you live in that home. This makes building a home perfect for newlyweds as well as for those couples who are in later stages of life and are ready to re-commit to each other and their relationship again. When you build a house, you build your home.

Why live in a place that wasn't designed with you in mind when you can build your own home, designed especially for you?


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  • profile image

    John 7 years ago

    Building my own home saved me a fortune!