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Building Your Own House

Updated on August 17, 2010

Build your own home is one alternative that could be the solution for efficient and effective in getting home. In developed countries this movement also called DIY (Do It Yourself) or Self Build, where they make their own housing management with information from books, discussion forums on the internet and others.
By building his own house was the home owners have many advantages besides saving construction cost is also a pleasant experience and activities.

On this page RancangNet will discuss how to manage their own construction of this house, what things need to be prepared, how to manage their implementation so that it can obtain maximum results.

Here are five key stages in building houses.

  1. Planning, at this stage we formulate the idea, would like what we are building up, function, major / area, cost, architectural style dll.Dalam we manage to formulate the initial data such as land use, surrounding conditions, rules on the location, our budget, etc.. 
  2. The design, based on the formulation of the above ideas we can start designing the building, arranging the layout, designed the model building, until the detail ornamentnya and installation plan. 
  3. Handling Permit, after having pictures and documents are required, we can start handling IMB. 
  4. Planning for the Implementation of the Building. Based on the pictures we already have plans on langak NO2 above, we begin to create action plans, formulating the said amount of material we buy, the stage of material purchasing, selecting and managing subcontractors and building mempersiapakan employment contract with the second party (supplier of building materials, construction executive , supervisors, etc.) 
  5. Managing Implementation


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