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Building Your Own Windmill – You Can Save Up To 80% On Your Power Bill

Updated on January 14, 2009

An excellent weekend project to undertake is building your own windmill. For a family, it makes for a fun weekend long project as well as an educational one. In addition to it being a great family project, you could end up saving a lot of money on your electricity bill! has a list of the top 5 make your own solar and wind power guides. 

Building Your Own Windmill Is Easy With Step By Step Instructions

Not too long ago, in order to build your own windmill, it was necessary to have a technical background, preferably in the windmill industry. The cost of the parts and then the time to put it all together didn't help either. Windmills for home use are, fortunately, becoming more and more common. Windmills used to be only for power companies and farms. But now, many people are building their own windmills to combat the rising cost of power.

Because many people are taking on the task, building your own windmill is very easy with available manuals and videos that show you step by step instructions.

Build Your Own Windmill For Less Than $200

It is now possible to build your own windmill for under $200. Depending on your area, the supplies you will need may cost more or less, and building your own windmill can sometimes be done for $100. You will then have free and clean renewable power!

Building Your Own Windmill Can Drastically Cut Down On Your Power Bill

If you put your new windmill in a breezy area, you can stand to cut your electrical bill by as much as 80%. Not bad, especially if you add that up. That could be hundreds a month and thousands per year!

How Much Have You Saved With Your Windmill?

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