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Building a Pergola - DIY vs Contractor?

Updated on August 11, 2013

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a structure that is usually on people's garden. It could provide shading area, passageway, relax spot, and/or just add a little lively design to a garden, patio or other open space. Most people would probably enjoyed a sitting place like this all the time, but most appreciated in the summer when it could provide a cool place outside the house. To give you an idea what a pergola is please watch the video here:

Building a Pergola - DIY or Contractor?

If you're interested in having a pergola built, there are two ways to consider: Do It Yourself (DIY), or hiring a Contractor to build it for you. However you choose to have it built, it will be wonderful when you are finished. Having a pergola in your backyard is a great way to enjoy nature. Here are some things to think about before you proceed to have a pergola of your own:

1. Advantages of a DIY Pergola

If you like do it yourself projects, building a pergola is a great addition to your backyard. The advantage of building the pergola yourself are many. When you choose to build it yourself, you can customize the design. Doing this project yourself is a great way to save money. You can choose whatever material you would like to use for your pergola. When you design it yourself, you don't have to worry about obtaining plans. If you are skeptical about plans, another advantage of doing your own pergola, you can search the web and find many free and paid plans to choose from (please check the bottom of this page for more). If you have all the tools and materials to work with and you are use to building things yourself, this project will be satisfying for you. You can save a lot of money and have your own control over the project and this will give you a lot of satisfaction when you see the project complete.

2. Disadvantages of a DIY Pergola

Building a pergola looks simple enough, however if you don't have a good bit of construction education, tools and time you will find building your own pergola will end up being a hard task for you to finish. When you get frustrated from not being able to complete a project you will find it still sitting there unfinished in the weeks to come. You can always purchase an assembly kit, but once again you will have to have certain tools, know how to read the plans, and many hours of free time on your hand. Purchasing a kit or buying all the materials can run you into some money. If you are not experience in do it yourself projects and this is something you are doing for the first time you may want to re-think this idea. If this sounds like you, you need to hire someone who can build it for you.

3. Advantages of Hiring a Contractor To Build a Pergola

If you are interested in having a pergola in your yard, it is probably best if you find a company with the experience to construct it for you. People who do constructions job have the tools and the experience in building to do a good job. When you hire a licensed contractor there are usually several people working on the project and you will find your project will be finished quicker than if you did it yourself. A contractor usually gives a certain amount of guarantee of your project as well. In case something goes wrong after the project is completed you can always call the contractor back out to correct the problem. A contractor will also know just the right materials to use to build your pergola. They have the necessary tools as well as manpower. Hiring a contractor will also free up your time so you can be doing other things in your yard while your pergola is being built. But when you are thinking of having a pergola constructed in your yard, you may want to ask yourself, do you need a garden designer, or an architect landscaper or a builder to construct this project. This is another advantage before the project is started, you will want to make sure you get the right man for the job.

4. The Disadvantages of Hiring a Contractor to Build A Pergola

Hiring a contractor to build a pergola and other items in your backyard seems like a great idea. But, there are several things you have to be aware of. All contractors are not created equally. Some may say they're experienced and can do the job, when in fact all they are wanting is the money and once an unlicensed contractor has walked away, you are left holding the bag. Hiring a contractor gets expensive, they will want you to choose the best materials possible plus they charge so much money for the project. A lot of contractors, even though you have your own design as to how you want it built, will often times change some of that design to their own specifications.

Pergola Plans

Interested in getting your pergola plans? You can go to this website and get them for a small fee! Very well worth it!

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