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Building a Spice Rack From Scratch

Updated on April 20, 2009

 There are many reasons that one might choose to build a spice rack.

Whether you are keeping your spices in the pantry, or keeping them in the cabinet or on the counter top, a spice rack would free up some space for you to help you feel less crowded.  Perhaps you just cannot fit all of your canned goods in the pantry after every time that you go shopping.  Whatever the reason may be that you want a spice rack, you should know that you can build this yourself if you want to.

When you build a handy household item or piece of furniture, you provide yourself with a sort of lasting feeling of accomplishment as you are always able to look here or there in your home and say, "I built that!"

Taking on a small project, such as the building of a spice rack is a great first or second project to tackle.

I've attached a link to step-by-step instructions on how to build a spice rack.

When you try this, remember to just take your time and be patient with yourself!  Measure everything out carefully.  Be careful with the power tool or tools that you use, as the case may be.  Do not rush yourself and make certain that you have an area set aside specifically for your project that you should probably be able to finish in one day, but if something comes up, make sure that you won't have to put it all away and then pull it all back out because if that happens, you are a lot less likely to finish the project.

Go ahead and build yourself a spice rack!  It'll be fun!





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      Spice Rack 7 years ago

      Nice spice rack. very authentic and classic, great for Huts, Wood Cabins, and outland houses. Nice hub!