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Building Self Build Timber Frame Kit Homes

Updated on December 9, 2013

Timber Frame Home

Timber Frame Self Build Home
Timber Frame Self Build Home

Why Timber Frame?

Timber is the building material of the 21st century. It is eco-friendly and sustainable and because of its regulation, is from accredited sources. Only fast growing trees like Oak and Douglas fir are used, leaving hardwood trees which take a longer time to grow, to prosper. So this makes it less harmful to the environment.

Timber is durable too and houses built during medieval times are still standing and engineering techniques used during that period are still in use today.

There are a number of leading timber frame manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom who specialise in supplying kit homes. They have the knowledge and experience in this highly specialised branch of the construction industry. You’ll find that they can offer valuable help in planning, design and construction services.

Building your own home may seem like a daunting prospect. However if you employ the services of a dedicated manufacturing company this will greatly help in the whole process from the initial planning stages to finally building your home.

Benefits of using wood in construction


Every timber frame self build project requires planning and approval. A company dedicated to supplying self build products and services are likely to have a team which manages the whole process for you. This limits the number of interfacing services within your building project and means you have a single point of contact.

This makes building your home a lot easier and reduces the cost of the entire process because it is all managed under one roof. A few companies in this sector offer their planning services free of charge and only require a small deposit on the agreed cost of the timber frame to make and submit a planning application on your behalf. In some cases this can be refunded in the unlikely event that it is refused.

Planning & Design

Planning & Design
Planning & Design


Companies in the self build construction industry may also offer an initial design service. Many companies offer this free of charge and it is at this stage that your ideas are pulled together and all key elements of the project are fully understood to prevent any initial costs.

Using the free design service offered by these companies can provide you with a platform from which you can move your timber frame build forward without obligation or cost. Every project is begun from a blank sheet of paper and is developed with your specific needs in mind, without the constraint of using standard designs.


A company providing self build timber frame manufacturing components will usually build all their products in their own factory to your requirements.

Each timber frame is hand crafted by an experienced and qualified fabricator according to their Quality Assured procedure and all their timber products are sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests.


Wherever you are in the UK, you’ll find that a self build manufacturing company can get to you and deliver your timber frame products. They cover all UK areas and some may even supply to mainland Europe with their quick and efficient delivery service.

They have haulage options which suit any destination including restricted areas and all products are palletised for easy offloading.

Constructing Kit Homes



Finally, many manufacturers provide you with an building service to suit your requirements. They have a range of kit home erection services covering supply to full build solutions and will normally have a team of accredited timber erectors to carry out your work to the highest standard. Their service is zero rated so you don’t have to pay VAT on the material supplied.

There has never been a better time for prospective home owners to consider a self build project. Due to a growing interest and demand, the government has set up the National Self Build Association website which has a range of helpful resources aimed at simplifying the whole process. Local authorities are being encouraged to set aside zones specifically dedicated to self build home builders. In such a favourable climate the only thing holding you back from designing your kit home could be your own inspiration.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 3 years ago from the short journey

      A self-build kit would be a neat project. We laugh when we hear most people say they are building a home for they don't have a clue… We built four homes from design to foundation up, with minimal help (from 1500sf to 2100sf). Learning to do all that was required, learning to work with inspectors, manage a little hired help along the way, and more gave us invaluable experiences. The last two were family projects because we had teens. :) Our son worked for a high-end timber construction company (in various aspects of the business, from building to managing employees and then web design) during his college years and enjoyed learning about the construction of this type home/building. Our daughter spends some of her time designing greenhouses now. Once building gets in the blood… :)