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Bulk Candles for Home Décor

Updated on February 17, 2015

Candles will always add more mystery and elegance to a room. They come in various shapes and scents and they can add more value to your home décor. You can also use them to decorate the bathroom and create a spa – like atmosphere. The best moments to use the bulk candles for home décor are when having a family gathering, a wedding, a corporate festivity or an anniversary celebration. If these events occur after dark or in the evening, the effect is guaranteed. You can make use of floating candles that will spread a whimsical luminescence and will make the event more sophisticated.

How to Choose the Best Bulk Candles for Your Home

You can choose from numerous scents, shapes, sizes and color of bulk candles. If you go for the floating candles, you can also be creative and imaginative when choosing the water containers. For a more mysterious effect, you can add floating Luminarias in the water container as they will spread multiple flickering flames. Round and white is the most common style and color of candles. Still, you can be more creative than that and opt for colorful and beautifully shaped candles. Make sure that the shades and designs of the candles complement the overall design of the room.

Your home décor can also be improved by adding glass balls, mirrors or flowers next to the candles in the water container. Depending on the event you’re preparing for, you can customize the items inside the bowl. If you have a bridal reception you can add wedding bells and if you have a cocktail party you can use tiny umbrellas. In addition, the glass container can have pebbles or glass beads on the bottom. The overall effect will be a combination of glittering lights, water and fire. This is something that everyone should have in their homes, because it provides peace and relaxation.

Moreover, remember to put the bulk candles in containers that are personalized especially for your room or for the special event. There are many styles you can choose from: a martini glass, hot tubs, ponds and pools. An entire pool filled with bulk candles will convey a special atmosphere. Some inspiring background music will also benefit the event. Additionally, the lights and decorations around the pool are extremely romantic. Not to mention that the bulk candles can spread a very pleasant smell. In the house, you can place the candles in containers like pitchers, vases, fish bowls or centerpiece bowls. Add colored water and the candles will become more visible. The use of submergible tea lights is also encouraged. These battery powered items can color the water and have a relaxing effect.

If you don’t have floating candles, you can always use simple candles that you can place in various corners of the house. They have the same effect as the floating candles. You can also place them in different decorative containers that match the style of your room. The bulk candles will not only help you improve the décor of your home, but will also help you meditate and relax after a long and busy day.

© 2015 Andreea Mihalache


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