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Bullet Express Crosses the Pond

Updated on June 29, 2010

Bullet Express UK - The Bullet Express As Seen On Tv Crosses the Pond

If there was a top twenty list of As Seen On TV products that I have fallen in love with or think are the most helpful or useful, this product would probably end up on that list. From the makers of the extremely popular (and one of my personal favorite As Seen On TV products) Magic Bullet Blender comes the Bullet Express.

Not only did people fall in love with the Magic Bullet, but when the Bullet Express Food Processor hit the US market, it took fans and previous customers by storm and the product completely took off. Not only did the infomercial reinforce that it was from the makers of the Magic Bullet, but it really took you and your tastebuds for a journey.

The BulletExpress Food Processor is also known as the "8 Minute Meal Machine" because it allows you to create countless meals that are oven or cooking ready in 8 minutes or less. BulletExpress allows you to slice and chop food including fruits, vegetables and even meats in a matter of minutes. BulletExpress is the amazing food processor that enables you to prepare oven ready and cooking ready meals in 8 minutes or less and now it has finally crossed the pond and hit the UK and Australia.

What can you cook with the Bullet Express?

In the infomercial the Bullet Express is used to help make everything from Pizza (the dough, slicing the toppings, the cheese and pretty much everything else) to slicing apples for apple pie. You can use it to chop up and mix full turkey breasts and seasonings to make a rosemary turkey meatloaf and you can even use the Bullet Express to prepare bread dough in under a minute. You can use it to combine and blend or slice and chop almost countless ingredients so your menu options are not only just about limitless, but since it can prep meals in under 8 minutes so that they are oven ready, you have also freed up a ton of time for yourself to enjoy yourself and your family or even just enjoy more of your day.

The infomercial made a ton of food and since Pizza and junk foods are part of my biggest weaknesses, I completely got hooked on the show and wanted to order one. The problem is that I already have a working food processor and slicer so even thought I want to buy Bullet Express, I am stuck with the one I have until it "accidentally" breaks. I think my current one might "accidentally" have to fall off the kitchen counter a couple times so I have an excuse to buy Bullet Express for myself. People here in the US are going crazy over this product so when my friend in London told me that he finally saw the Bullet Express start to be available for sale in the UK, I immediately asked him if he had ordered his yet. Unfortunately he didn't order his yet but he did say he may have to "accidentally" break his current food processor and need to replace it with a Bullet Express since it is now for sale in the UK.

The Magic Bullet is 100% one of my all time favorite As Seen On TV products and since they are the ones who are marketing and making the Bullet Express, I am definitely inclined to want to buy one for myself, I just have to justify spending the money on something I already have. Don't you hate how infomercials do that to you! lol.  

I'm completely excited that the people who made the Magic Bullet decided to do a new product and whats even better is that you can now buy it in the UK, Australia, Canada and a ton of other places.  In a couple years we may all have kitchens filled with nothing bullet Bullet products lol. 

Anyways, if you've bought the Bullet Express already and love it, please feel free to share it with us below. You can also post your favorite Bullet Express recipes as I know that after I buy my own Bullet Express I'll be looking for all of the recipes everyone else loves as well. That could actually be a great follow up hub and post. Bullet Express recipes. =0). Stay tuned because I think I might come back with more.

Here is where you can buy Bullet Express:

Bullet Express UK

Bullet Express Austrailia

Bullet Express USA and Canada


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