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Bunk beds for kids – Safety and Buying Tips

Updated on December 9, 2010

Making sure that your children have a safe place to sleep is of critical importance. Beyond the pricing and appearance factors there are important safety concerns that you should be aware of when buying a bunk bed for your children. 

Children’s Bunk Beds start from as little as $200 and can go up to the low thousands for custom models and while you can compromise a little on price you can’t cut corners with safety.  The number of bunk bed related injuries continues to grow because parents are not making informed decisions about what they are buying and taking the appropriate precautions with their beds. The number of reported injuries is currently close to 40,000 in the United States alone; fortunately most of the injuries that children sustain from bunk beds are minor. Things like cuts and scrapes can be easily avoided though there are more serious concerns that have to do with workmanship, Installation and also the inappropriate use of the beds.

The more serious injuries involve from falling from the beds and being caught between the bed or guard rail with extreme cases leading to death. It is important that you carefully consider the construction of the bed and its safety accreditations along with taking the appropriate care in assembling the bed once it gets to your home. When you are in the market for a children’s bunk bed you bear in mind the following safety indicators.

Children's Bunk Bed
Children's Bunk Bed

Buy The Right Mattress

This is particularly important for the top bunk. Getting a mattress that is too large or small for the bed will mean that it does not sit on the frame properly and as such will increase the likelihood that your children will get injured either by way of a fall or being caught between the bed frame or guard rail.

Get the Right Guard Rail

The size of the guard rail must be tall enough to extend a minimum of 5 inches above the mattress but should not be too high that a wedge block can pass freely underneath. The wedge block simulates the size of a child’s body and is what the safety certification board uses to test beds. The guard rail for the bed needn't extend for the entire length of the bed but it should cover approximately two thirds of the bed.  An important feature of the rail is that it should be secure and require opposing brackets to be removed so that it will not come off accidentally.The bottom bunk needn't have a guard rail if it is less than 30 inches from the ground.

Bunk Beds For Kids
Bunk Beds For Kids

Use A Nightlight

Adding a night light particularly for the top bunk will add a measure of safety to the child sleeping above. The night light helps with getting in and out of the bed safely and ensuring that they do not lose their footing.

Use the Ladder

Kids have a creative ability to get to the top bunk so it is important that you teach them to always use the ladder and you should also make sure to periodically check that it is in good order making sure that you or the children are not able to use anything else to get up and down.

Don’t Play On the Bed

Children should be taught never to jump on the beds or play on or under them. They should also make sure that there is no more than one person on the top bunk at a time. Keeping your children safe is as much about educating them as it is about buying safe furniture and equipment as nothing can ever be completely accident proof. 

Bunk Beds For Kids
Bunk Beds For Kids

Not Only For Children

Bunk Beds are a great versatile solution not only for children but also for adults. Many people look to bunk beds as a great space saving option which is why they are used in many workers camps, military bases and even emergency relief housing. Looking after your children may be an equally large undertaking in comparison so it’s important to highlight some of the advantages and different applications that these beds provide.

Space Saving

The biggest thing that you will gain from a bunk bed is the extra space. A typical bedroom has lots of space that it either cannot use effectively or has been overlooked. Having your beds directly on top of each other will free up lots of floor space which means that you can use more of the room and even fit an additional bed for large families.

Built in Storage

Children’s bunk beds often feature built in storage compartments meaning that there is less of a need to buy additional storage for your child’s things.  A great example is the addition of shelving on the ends of the bunk bed or cupboards that are built into the stairs or ladder for the top bunk.

Desk and Work Space

You may also want to consider other styles of bunk bed for your children such as those which integrate desk or workspace with the bed above it. Loft style bunk beds such as these are popular with dormitories and colleges because they provide a clear and defined individual space in shared rooms.

Alternative Layouts

Bunk Beds also do not have to take a traditional shape. You can have them custom made to fit your room and can angle the top and bottom bunk perpendicular to each other so there is only a partial overlap.  Should you be in the market for something bigger then can also buy double bed bunk beds or a double single combination.

Kids love bunk beds and regardless whether you opt for a traditional one or a custom layout they will certainly enjoy the new addition to your room. Once you know what size you are after make sue you check the appropriate safety regulations and certification from the manufacturer before you pass it on to the most demanding critics, you r children themselves.

Alternative bunk beds
Alternative bunk beds


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      Ign Andy 7 years ago from Green Home Office

      Bunk bed is space saver. Great tips and ideas, and the pictures look cool for boys bedroom.