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Bunk Beds with slides for boys and girls, free delivery

Updated on August 2, 2011

Bunk beds with slides for girls and boys are the latest and most fantastic bunk beds on the market. The superior designs and style of girls bunk beds with a slide include many princess bunk beds for a child to explore their vivid imagination.

Cheap bunk beds with slides save space in a small room and the latest models of bunk beds with a slide include steps for easy access. Every little girl dreams of being a princess, and these beds are magical princess castles where she will be the only princess. Girls bunks beds with a slide will be the best ever bed a little princess could imagine.

All beds are sturdily made to ensure the child's safety and comply with all safety regulations. Delivery is flat packed complete with instructions for easy assembly.

Princess Beds

A girls bunk bed with a slide is more than just a bed. It is a magical kingdom where she is the ruler of all she surveys. The princess bed offers a chance for her to play out the roles all girls love, to be Cinderella, Rapunzel, or a perfect princess.

Each bed offers different styles and prices do vary depending on the type and make. But nothing will take away the smile from your daughters face when she see's her bed for the first time. Bunk beds offer individual high sleeping quarters for one girl or double sleeping compartments for two girls or for sleepovers.

Powell Princess Castle Bed

This perfect princess castle bed is elegant and will provide the little princess with hours, days and even weeks of fun and peaceful nights sleep. Inviting her envious friends over is a must as they all would come just to marvel at this magnificent piece of ingenuity.

This superb girls bunk bed with a slide gives two bunk beds with ample room for many ages. All covers are easily taken down and machine washable.

Child safety is an important factor for Powell beds. There are no dangerous edges, the top bunk has a safety rail around the bed, and all furnishings are child friendly.

Click to see the awesome arrangement of girls bunk beds on offer at fantastic prices. The bunk bed in the top picture retails at almost $1500. There are many more bunk beds for girls with slide at more reasonable prices.

GI Bunk Bed with Slide

This awesome boys bunk bed with slide provides ample play area underneath the bed. This excellently designed army bed provides all the needs of an aspiring young GI Joe.

Safety rails all around the top bunk, end ladder, brilliant slide, and a camouflaged army tent with windows make this a fantastic base from which a young child can develop their own imagination. The tent is sturdy with enough room for his friends or brothers to play for hours.

The camouflage style can also be incorporated around the bedroom to continue the army settings, with a range of similar bedroom furniture products available.

With this awesome bunk bed with a slide as a gift for Christmas of Birthdays, your boy will be entertained for hours each day as his imagination grows.

Twin Bunk Bed with Slide

This twin bunk bed with slide provides an excellent opportunity for two brothers to learn to share whilst playing. This is the ultimate bed for two brothers to collaborate their imaginations whilst constantly playing together.

The bed has its own lookout tower with a slide and each comfortable bed has its own privacy with army curtains for the bottom bunk and a tent for the top bunk.

Yonger Childrens' Bunk Beds With Slide

These brightly colored bunk beds with slide offer a safe play area for both girls and boys. Similar in design to the army style bunk bed, the covers offer alternative styles.

Some have the spider man or superman colors, whilst others are more girl oriented with slight pinks and purples.

Whichever bunk bed with slide is chosen, the parent can be assured of giving one of the ultimate WOW! factor gifts. These beds last for years and give a child a happy childhood memory.


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    • MyFavoriteBedding profile image

      MyFavoriteBedding 6 years ago from United States

      Now this is a way for a kid to have a fun bedroom! I really like the GI bed set. I wish they made things like this when I was a kid!