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Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer

Updated on January 26, 2010

The Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer combines the speed of commercial coffee makers with the convenience prized in machines made for home use. It is a 10-cup drip coffee maker with a vacuum-sealed thermal carafe. In three minutes, the Bunn BT10 Thermal brews a full pot directly into a stainless steel thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours. It uses a unique pour over system that keeps water at brew temperature at all times. Adding water to the reservoir forces the already heated water to exit through the coffee filter. By not adding ground coffee, the machine will dispense hot water that you can use for tea or hot chocolate. It is only available in black with stainless steel accents.

Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer Controls

The Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer requires that you spend a little time reading the instructions before the first use. They are simple, and it is imperative that you follow the sequence of steps for filling the 75-ounce reservoir and for plugging in the machine for the first time. Brewing the first pot, which takes up to 15 minutes, primes the machine for all future use. The machine keeps water heated at all times, which drops the brewing time to 3 minutes for all subsequent pots. It is meant to be on all the time, but if you will be away from the machine for more than 3 days it is recommended that you use the "vacation" switch. The switch, located on the back left of the coffee maker, shuts off all of the machine's electrical components. When it is restored to its normal mode, it will need the additional 15 minutes to heat before brewing again.

Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer Preparation

Brewing is initiated when the lid to the reservoir is closed. Because of this, the carafe should be placed on the base plate before the lid is lowered. The Bunn BT10 can prepare a full pot, or as few as 20 ounces of coffee. This is controlled by adjusting the amounts of coffee and water you put into the machine. If you're brewing decaf, take note. The machine's instructions state that using decaffeinated coffee or softened water requires a minor adjustment in the amount of coffee used, or you may slow the brewing process, possibly causing overflow. For this reason, the instructions recommend using slightly less coffee for decaf or when using soft water.

Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer Performance

With its quick brewing time, the Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer is above average in performance. Like a commercial coffee brewer, once the first brew cycle has been started, the Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer brews coffee quickly. It's ideal if you're going to be drinking coffee throughout the day and want to brew a pot fast.

Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer Construction

Based on commercial models produced by Bunn, the BT10 pays homage to this ancestry in its internal and external design. The pour over system reflects the speed and efficiency found in most commercial models and it's simple housing, with an exposed stainless steel water tank, gives a utilitarian feel to the machine. The thermal stainless steel carafe eliminates the need for an active hot plate, so there are no controls on the front panel of the machine. The vacation switch, which is the only power control, is located on the left side of the machine.

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