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Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer, Part II

Updated on January 26, 2010

Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer Carafe

The Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer's stainless steel carafe features an easy slide off lid that provides a tight, seamless seal to lock in heat. It has a handsome brushed steel finish with a large, easy to grip plastic handle. There are no interior fluid indicator lines, so there's a little guesswork in filling the carafe. The thermal carafe nicely addresses one of the downsides of brewing coffee with a machine that's on all the time by eliminating the half filled pot left to burn away for hours. This is the best of both worlds; a very quick brew cycle and a thermal carafe to keep freshly brewed coffee hot.

Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer Boiler

The Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer features an 800-watt tank heater. In order to prime the machine for future use, the machine will take 15 minutes to heat initially. Once this is completed, the boiler maintains proper brew temperature, allowing coffee to brew in only 3 minutes. Every time the vacation setting is used, the machine will need 15 minutes to reheat the water before brewing again.

Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer Hot Plate

Because the Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer comes with a thermal carafe, it has an unheated plastic plate.


The Bunn BT10's reservoir is only a gateway to the boiler. The flip up lid covers the 75-ounce reservoir, which is at the front of the machine. The reservoir lid uses a spring mechanism to start brewing when it is closed, so you will want to return the carafe to its plate before shutting this lid. After water has been added, closing the lid allows the water to flow into the boiler, which in turn drives the heated water out through the coffee filter. If you open the lid during brewing, it will interrupt the flow of water to the boiler, but not the brewing.

Coffee Filter

The Bunn BT10 uses fluted paper cone filters. These filters are available through Bunn.


Included with this coffee maker is a specially designed flexible metal rod that can be inserted into the spray head to loosen lime build up. The rod looks like a tight spring. It may take some time to become accustomed to using this tool, as it is unique among drip coffee makers. However, the Bunn BT10 also includes full de-liming instructions and tips, along with a calendar to keep track of regular cleanings. 20 fluted paper cone filters and filter re-order instructions are also included.

Bunn BT10 Thermal Coffee Brewer Water Filtration

There is no water filtration system. Using bottled or filtered water helps to improve coffee's taste as well as keeping the machine clean, so it is recommended. By all means check out the quality of your water before using this or any other coffee machine. In the vast majority of areas in the world, the water straight from the tap will give coffee an extremely unpleasant taste, ranging from chalky to metallic to bitter. Therefore, the more attention you pay to the purity and flavor of the water that goes into your coffee, the better your cup will taste.

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