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Bunn NHB Coffee Brewer, Part II

Updated on January 26, 2010

Bunn NHB Coffee Brewer Construction          
You can tell at a glance that the NHB is a Bunn coffee brewer. With a stainless steel water tank and polished plastic housing, the NHB looks very similar to other Bunn models, but a few design changes have been made. Perhaps the most noticeable are the rounded edges on the reservoir and hot plate as compared to the squared off edges on previous models. Further altering the reservoir, Bunn designed a lid that slides off of the reservoir's access grate in a circular motion, rather than the standard flip-up lid they had used before. Bunn made two dimensional changes to this machine as well: the NHB stands almost an inch shorter than other models, and is roughly two inches less deep due to a wider layout of the water tank.

Bunn NHB Coffee Brewer Carafe

The glass carafe holds 50 oz, or about 10 cups. Fluid level indicator lines are clearly marked on the side of the carafe, so you can easily see how much water you're going to pour into this coffee maker. The NHB's carafe also has a pointed pouring spout so you'll hit your target every time.


An 800-watt tank keeps water heated to brewing temperature at all times. Having hot water on hand is what makes it possible for the Bunn NHB to brew a full pot of coffee in 3 minutes. This also allows easy access to hot water for other uses such as tea or hot chocolate by simply pouring the desired amount of water into the machine and not adding ground coffee. However, before using the machine for the first time, the NHB coffee brewer will require a 15-minute start up procedure in order to let the fresh water heat to brewing temperature. This 15-minute heating time will also be necessary if you resume power to the machine after it's been on the vacation setting.

Hot Plate

A single switch controls the hot plate. Located on the front of the machine, this on/off rocker switch is the only control for the hot plate. There is no auto-off mechanism, so it is necessary to flip it into the off position before leaving the machine unattended. It's easy to clean up any drips on the porcelain hot plate with a wet sponge, but make sure to let it cool first, as it can reach temperatures of up to 275°F.

Bunn NHB Coffee Brewer Reservoir

The reservoir only holds water until its lid is closed. Water is poured into the reservoir through a grate on the top of the machine that is accessed by sliding the circular lid counter clockwise. When the lid is closed, water flows into the stainless steel tank, which forces the pre-heated hot water out.

Water Filtration

The Bunn NHB coffee maker does not have a water filtration system. To lengthen the life of the coffee brewer, as well as improving the taste of your coffee, the use of filtered or bottled water is recommended.

Bunn NHB Coffee Brewer Coffee Filter

It is highly recommended that you only use Bunn brand filters with your Bunn machine. Due to the quick brewing time, more water is in the filter during the brewing process than in standard drip machines. When the water is in the filter some of the grounds rise; Bunn filters are specially made to be taller than regular coffee filters in order to prevent these "floating" grounds from making their way over the top of the filter and down into your cup.


The included de-liming rod should be inserted into the spray head periodically to remove build-up. In addition to this accessory, the Bunn NHB coffee brewer also comes with 20 fluted paper filters and in depth instructions for set up, brewing, and cleaning.

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