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Burglar Alarms, intruder alarms, sirens, cctv cameras, laser alarms

Updated on December 25, 2015

Intruder alarm systems or home security systems for self installation, with motion detectors, laser burglar alarm systems and CCTV monitoring from anywhere in the world via your mobile phone or internet.

External sensors to indicate that you have an unwelcome visitor before he gets near your house. All these burglar alarm systems can be fitted by yourself, and connected to a security company.

Nearly every type of intruder alarm system has one thing in common, they all tell you that you have been burgled. BUT, isn't that to late?

They have already caused the damage and broken in, the intruder alarm is ringing because they are already in your house. Lets be serious, you go to bed at night, and about 5am, your alarm goes off, what do you do?

You first turn on the light, to late, the thief is either in front of you or has already grabbed what he can and ran away, leaving you with a mess and a bill for the damages he caused breaking in.

If you are insured, you don't get full payment from the insurance company, and next year your insurance premium goes up, its a lose and lose situation. Or is it? What is the difference between cheap burglar alarms and the best burglar alarms?

Know your thief

An intruder alarm, burglar alarm or some kind of home security system is a good idea, don't get us wrong, it is a good deterrent, but you will not stop them, they will just usually go for an easier target. Every internal alarm system has a "safe" zone, which is usually the bathroom, hallway and any of the bedrooms that are occupied. This freezone is activated at night, we know this, you know this, the thief knows this.

That is why many burglars enter through an upstairs or bathroom window.

Once the burglar alarm sounds, the thief knows he has to get out quick, but he peers through bedroom doors where people are asleep to see what he can grab, he has also looked through the house because the little in-fared motion detectors only detect him, if he goes in front of it, he already knows what he will grab before the alarm is going off.

The average thief is an opportunist, you give him a chance, he will take you for everything that you have got. Some intruder alarms have silent alarms and some are connected to a security firm, so a burglar knows he has on average, five minutes before a security firm or the police arrive. This is because he knows your home burglar alarm system, he knows how far the patrols are away because he has been watching you for days.

Make the thief suffer

Some intruder alarms seem space age, whereas other seem more stone age. There are the intruder alarms that when the alarm is activated, the room fills with a harmless mist, which is so dense that no one can see their hand in front of their face, therefore confusing the thief, and forcing him to do a runner.

Another is similar to the mist but produces a choking fog, again, making him do a swift exit. Another good burglar alarm I have found is the shrieking one, very, very loud, when it was first invented it could actually make the ears bleed, so they had to tone it down a bit, because in this very strange day and age, the thief could sue you for damages, but if a thief gets into your home and sets off this alarm, he cannot pick much up with his hands over his ears.

There is a system being used across the USA and in England. It is only intended to deter teenagers, the alarm is on continuously, but only people from a certain age group can hear it, weird but true.

It is mainly used to keep teenagers from hanging around shops at night, and again, human rights societies across the globe are complaining that these alarms are detrimental to the youth of today and should not be used.

I just ask myself, does a group or gang of twenty youths, shouting and hurling abuse at each other and passers by outside a small shop deter customers from entering? Yes, it does. And it has to stop.

External Alarm Systems

These seem to be by far the biggest growing home alarm system, simply because an alarm is sounded when someone enters your space around you house, therefore not even giving him the chance to break in or cause any damage. There are many different types, lasers are the ones that you can set at any height, usually to allow cats and dogs to walk freely, but if the laser beam is broken, lights go on, an alarm is triggered, the thief runs, you go back to sleep.

If you have bars on your window, there is a motion detector which attaches to the bars, and if someone tries to prize open the bars, the alarm is triggered, giving you a warning that you are about to lose your valuables. You can have a laser beam alarm attached to a security firm, and attached to a CCTV system, and attached to intruder lights. If you are away, and somebody breaks the laser beam, the lights will come on, and you can watch what happens on you mobile phone or computer. You may even be able to watch as the police arrive and arrest them. An external alarm system is a must, the same as an internal alarm system, any of the alarm companies on the internet, should be able to offer both varieties, they can install them or they should be able to sell them to you for you to install them yourself.

Don't move now, just sit down, concider this, who can get into your house while you are asleep? Who could be standing over you when you wake up? Who else is in your house you would like to protect? Think about it, in today's society, is it really worth not having an intruder alarm. Find some information now, you have a monitor and a mouse, use them wisley, and may the force be with you. ( The police force that is when you need them )

I have been speaking to an ex burglar, who else is better qualified to assist in the purchase of burglar alarms, as he has spent many years disabling them. See below, he talks freely and may help you with your choice of burglar alarms.


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    • profile image

      erikjohnson 6 years ago

      People don't realize that installing a siren or strobe light is an inexpensive way to heavily increase the security measures of a system. For a small price they can double the effectiveness of their current system.

    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      You are correct - the perimeter is where the focus should be when deterring burglars. The Wall Top Alarm meets the needs of the homeowner.

    • profile image

      cctvf installers 7 years ago from london

      great advice thanks , I have been broken into twice recently and need to get cctv installed.

    • profile image

      joe Keni 7 years ago

      Can you send me more infor on your alarm system, how it works,

      I am looking and interested to know about the type of a;arm system that control the whole security alarm in other remote area at one central place. that if a person breaks or enter a house in a remote area, he may not aware of the sound but has indicated at central dispatch

      of the security operation office

      I also need to know if there is a possibility to think about making a business partner

    • Trinsick profile image

      Trinsick 7 years ago from Cali

      I used to work ADT a few years back, and found out how valuable a security system can be. Thanks for some solid tips on staying safe.

    • beebong profile image

      beebong 7 years ago from UK

      Who do you wish to watch?.