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Burgundy Leather Sofa

Updated on March 10, 2011

How to Decide if a Burgundy Leather Sofa is Right for Your Home

Choosing a leather sofa color can be a somewhat difficult task if you don't already have your heart set on a particular color. Picking between a brown leather sofa, black leather sofa, burgundy leather sofa, cream color sofa, or any other color sofa can be challenging. I only mention these colors because they are the most classic colors that you will be less likely to get sick of it after only a year or two.These color leather sofas are rich and elegant no matter what style they're in.

Leather furniture is a big investment, especially if you are choosing a quality leather sofa, loveseat, and chair. Therefore, you should really make sure you love the color.

While brown and black leather sofas are the most commonly purchased, creams show dirt terribly easy, and burgundy leather sofas can be a welcome, warming choice for your next leather sofa. It's just as classic as brown or black, but with a bit more charm and warmth. Think of very rich homes with classically designed and heavily paneled rooms, and they will often have a burgundy leather sofa to sit on by the fire.

For a great selection of modern leather sofas and classic burgundy leather sofas, try looking online. They have a huge variety of top furniture designer names in the leather sofa industry. Online sites such as Amazon and eBay tend to have the better quality names for less. Plus, they have a variety of types and styles of burgundy leather sofas including burgundy leather sofa sets and stylish burgundy sectional sofas.

Visit or eBay right now to see what they have in their current inventories for burgundy leather sofas. A good idea when searching for a burgundy leather sofa is to try looking at leather sofas in general if you can't find one you love in burgundy. Often times, most leather sofas are available in a variety of colors than they are pictured in.

Choosing the Right Burgundy Leather Sofa for Your Home

Now that you've made the final decision to buy a burgundy leather sofa, you need to start thinking about style of burgundy leather sofa will go best in your home.

  • Very traditional, deep and rich classic burgundy leather sofas with nail head trim look best in very traditional, Victorian, or colonial style homes. Because this type of burgundy leather sofa is quite bulky, it is not the best choice for a small home or apartment, but it can look fantastic in home libraries or the home study - almost like something out of a Sherlock Holmes novel.
  • Modern burgundy leather sofas without nail head trim, but with smooth straight edges, wooden or other noticeable legs, and very clean lines will do best in contemporary or traditional designed homes and apartments. These are often less bulky than real traditional styles of burgundy leather sofas. They often come in a wide selection of burgundy color ranges.
  • Sectional style burgundy leather sofas are great for large rooms, or if you have a lot of company or a large family. These typically come with recliners or built-in sleepers, so it will end up being your favorite and your guest's favorite.
  • Reclining style burgundy leather sofas are great for the family who is very laid back and enjoys their comfort. Prepare to watch TV or sit by the fire more than you ever have in your life. These are often less expensive.

Now that you know all about the different styles of the burgundy leather sofa, you are ready to embark on your burgundy leather sofa journey. Online is a great place to start shopping for designer leather furniture or other leather furniture. You can often find great prices on a burgundy leather sofa and other coordinating leather furniture. Too often, people overlook the Internet when shopping for furniture. Sometimes online, you find a wider selection than you would ever find in-stores. Happy shopping!

Burgundy Leather Sofa
Burgundy Leather Sofa


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