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Burgundy Sheets

Updated on March 16, 2011

Seasonal Bedding Sheets

Designing a bedroom to match the season is used by many people. Burgundy sheets are great sheets to have for the spring, summer, or fall time, and can even be used during the winter time. In this hub will be discussing how to decorate a bedroom with these color sheets and much more.

If you think the idea of changing your bedding with the seasons is a great idea but cannot afford four different bedding sets. A way around this is to use two sets and just alternate by season. This way you still get a fresh look for the new season but do not have to spend as much as four sets would cost.

It is said that the decor in your bedroom defines the type of person you are. So take the color scheme personally and try to use your favorite colors.

Burgundy Bedding For Fall

My favorite season for burgundy sheets and bedding is fall. The deep red in my mind is perfect for this season. However some people think that burgundy is a spring color. I guess to each his own.

If you decide upon burgundy sheets you will also need matching pillow cases, and a comforter. If you use the sheets for spring a lightweight bedspread maybe of better use than a heavy comforter.

Wood bedroom furniture that is stained a deep or rustic brown will look the best with burgundy sheets. They will also look good with white or black painted furniture.

With the deep colored sheets, I prefer an even deeper colored comforter, something that is a deeper shade of the burgundy is what I like.

You can find burgundy sheets in most specialty bedding stores and online. Just remember the higher the thread count the softer the sheets will feel to the touch. You can find lots of burgundy sheet sets for sale on both and also eBay.

Burgundy Sheets
Burgundy Sheets


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