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Burgundy Valance

Updated on March 10, 2011

Add to your Windows with a Valance

A burgundy valance can add a lot to the existing decor of your window treatments. A window valance is a strip of fabric that goes on the outside of window curtains and faces into the room. Window valance could be considered as a way to dress up window treatments. Victorian houses were the first homes to use window valances and remain quite popular in this type of home still today.

The main use of the window valance is to keep the top edges of window curtains hidden. This causes the window treatment to have more of a neat and clean look. They also have the added benefit of keeping the top of window curtains dust free. Instead the dust will collect on the valance. With the smaller size of the valance it will be easier to wash than the complete curtain, saving you time.

A burgundy valance will look the best if used with burgundy curtain or other deep colored curtains. The same valance should be used on every window that contains the same curtains in the room. Different rooms can have different colored valances with no problem.

Types Of Window Valances

There are many style of window valances and we will go over some of the types below. And all can be found in a burgundy color to the best of my knowledge.

  • spaced valance - should be used with heavy drapes and is made up many square pleated sections.
  • balloon valance - made of several layers to give dimension to the curtains.
  • pleated valance - another valance to use with heavy drapes and contains more pleats than the spaced valance.
  • swag valance - has longer sides and comes to a shorter middle, good for rooms with low ceilings.

I hope that this article has been helpful and if you have burgundy curtains I hope that you give a burgundy valance a shot. It really can spice up plain window treatments.

Burgundy Valances can be found for sale online at low prices at and also eBay.

Burgundy Valance
Burgundy Valance


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