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Updated on October 23, 2017
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Ideally, butcherknife is made of stainless steel and the process of high-temperature stamping, followed by low-temperature forging is used to create it. This unique process is used to make the cleaver resistant, sharpness retention, easy honing, and a very long lasting edge keeping the handle of a butcher knife when made of high-quality wood results in the better grip than when it is made of metal.

It is also more comfortable to handle and suits ergonomically. These butcherknives generally go through a certain sharpening process to guarantee a sharp edge to make chopping easier. Sometimes, with time a carbon steel blade may develop a certain dark finish but this is absolutely normal because it is a natural result of using high carbon steel.

It is not recommended to wash a butcherknife with a carbon steel blade in a dishwasher or to let it stay in the water for a long. Instead, it is better to hand wash and dry butcherknives very well to avoid rusting. Any high-quality stainless steel butcherknife is equipped to take multiple roles of cutting, chopping, shredding, dicing, mincing, slicing vegetables, fruits, meats, fish alike all at the same time. So, it saves space and money since only one knife is good enough to do all those related activities in the kitchen.

Sometimes it is more beneficial to go for an expensive butcherknife because big branded companies provide a lifetime guarantee against any kind of defects and faults appearing in the making. There are different types of butcher knives available in the market today, for example, the Chinese and Japanese butcherknives are getting in popularity these days in the West. But, depending upon the quality of steel they can burn a hole in the buyers' pocket at times.

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