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Buy A Bonsai Tree

Updated on September 2, 2012
Small Is Beautiful
Small Is Beautiful

Buy A Bonsai Tree.

I have always been fascinated by bonsai trees.

By definition a bonsai tree is just a miniature tree but with mans intervention and the art of pruning they are kept small. To me there is something ethereal about a well kept bonsai whether it be an indoor or an outdoor, you can look at the tree and almost feel as if you have been transported into a Japanese garden and the timeless tradition of bonsai growing.

You can buy ready made bonsai or grow your own fromĀ  seed or of course make your own, it can be a very specialist field but it is something that any one can do. As with any hobby there are any number of books available to help you on your way from planting your first seed, pruning (top and bottom ),wiring and watering and anything else that you need to know in a fascinating hobby.

Buy A Bonsai.

You Can Buy A Bonsai On Amozon.
You Can Buy A Bonsai On Amozon. | Source

Which Bonsai Tree To Buy?

Some trees are more suited to turning into bonsai than others Japanise White Pine would make an ideal choice as it is a very slow growing tree, shrubs such as lavender, hydrangea, and rosemary, deciduous trees such as the Trident Maple another slow growing tree and the Chinese Quince which has been used for centuries and is the most robust and longest living.

You are entering into a long term relation ship with your bonsai tree take your time choosing.


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