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Cool Your Jets With A Compact Fridge

Updated on March 20, 2011

Whether in a hotel guestroom, basement man cave, college dorm, or the break room at work, the compact fridge has definitely come to be an essential item in people's daily lives. A good quality compact fridge lets us preserve packed lunches, mealtime leftovers, and frosty beverages, in turn leading to considerable savings and little food waste. What are the most important qualities to think about when purchasing a compact fridge? There are many features that separate the cheapies from the best-buys.

The most important feature to consider for any appliance purchase is energy consumption. Pretty much all appliance shops can supply this information for the different compact fridge models they sell. Energy usage guides typically compare the total electricity needed to operate the fridge and the device's efficiency.

Is It Energy-Efficient?

Certain types of compact fridges use a considerable amount of energy to run, but offer very little cooling capability because of poor insulation. Other models might use significantly less energy, but cool more effectively. In the end it's a trade-off; energy-efficient models will cost more upfront but will save you money in the long-run.

The second most important consideration is the interior size of the compact fridge. Some models have very little space and are typically only good for chilling beverages. If you require more cooling room, look for models that have door space that can hold a 2L carton of milk or pop bottle. If purchasing the compact fridge for the workplace, opt for a larger compact fridge that can accommodate several packaged meals. Removable shelves are a plus as they can be taken out to allow more room. Shop around for different sizes; you may find a larger compact fridge for the same price as a small one.

Compact fridges are infamous for having very small freezer spaces. This is not ideal for students who wish to save money by purchasing frozen entrees. The freezer usually features a narrow ledge at the top of the fridge with just enough room for an ice cube tray or a couple of frozen meals. Look around for quality compact fridges that have expandable freezer sections and an adjustable thermostat.

Ask A Friend To Help Lift A Heavy Compact Fridge

Something else to think about is the portability of the compact fridge. The compressor is the heaviest component of a compact fridge, but a typical small dorm room fridge isn't any heavier than a television set or a microwave. However, larger models will require a bit of serious muscle in order to get it through doors and up steps.

More powerful compact fridges have heavier compressors. There's usually also a metal grid affixed to the back that is needed to expend the heat generated while the fridge is running. These bulky features make a fridge hard to transport. It's a good idea to have a friend help you move it when you get home with it.

For additional food storage, check out a compact freezer to accompany your new compact fridge!

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