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Buy A Delonghi Espresso Machine

Updated on March 20, 2011

DeLonghi Retro Pump-Driven Espresso Maker

The Delonghi Espresso Machine Retro Pump-Driven unit combines the most modern state of the art engineering, manufacturing and most importantly performance, with the nostalgic retro design harkening back to the Golden Age of coffee. The Delonghi Espresso Machine features a removable thirty five ounce water tank designed to be easy to fill and a pump which conveniently primes itself to save you time and trouble. The Retro Delonghi Espresso Machine even features dual thermostats to allow independent setting of temperatures for both the hot water being pressurized to flow through the coffee grounds and the steam used for making the frothed milk!

Buy a Delonghi Espresso Machine Online

Coffee Chronicles, Part 16


The region of Ethiopia and known as Caffa produces the Arabica and its climate and soil is such that coffee plants do not need to be artificially seeded as they grow by themselves, requiring human assistance only for the harvesting and drying process. There are many different types of beans which originate from Ethiopia including Harrar, Mocha Harrar, Shortberry Harrar, Longberry Harrar and Ghimbi.


Gabon is located in an equatorial band where temperatures tend to be very high and therefore produces a fairly small amount of Robusta beans only.


Although the primary crop of the country is cacao, there is a small amount of Robusta grown in Ghana as well.

Ivory Coast

Robusta, both natural and washed are the primary beans exported from the Ivory Coast and an inordinate amount of its production goes towards the creation of instant coffee in developed countries. There is also a widespread plantation growth of Arabusta which is a cross between Arabica and Robusta, which is primarily destined to be exported to the French market.


Jamaica has the number one position amidst the Caribbean Islands for the quality and reputation of its coffee. These coffees include Jamaica Mountain, High Mountain, Blue Mountain and Prima Washed.


The Liberica and Robusta coffees are primarily grown here and intended for blending. In the middle of the 17th century, Dutch colonists began coffee plantations in Java, however, after the Second World War various infestations and plant borne diseases decimated its crop and it has not significantly recovered.


Guatemala is another major world exporter primarily of washed Arabica and Robusta beans. From the Arabica variety most commonly grown in Guatemala include the Tipica, Bourbon, Amatitlan, Coban, Maragogype and Antigua. These coffees are known for their high acidity and spicy aroma which tends to be almost chocolaty.


Guinea is the beginning to develop a coffee exportation system; however, it is still in its embryonic form.


This country produces washed and natural Arabica, including the fairly well known Port Au Prince which offers an aroma which has been described as peppery or spicy.


In the State of Hawaii, the Kona variety of coffee is mostly grown primarily in holes dug from volcanic rock which is also a wonderful growing medium for many Arabica types of coffee. Kona coffee is renowned for its full body and sweet aroma and taste.


The Arabica, both natural and washed as well as the Marogogype originate from Honduras and are often used for blending.


India has been increasing its coffee exports as of late primarily concentrating on Robusta Monsonato, Arabica Monsonato and Arabica Cherry, Malabar and Myosre which have a very full-bodied, yet delicate aroma and flavor.


This country primarily has Robusta and Arabica plantations and its specialty is the Mandheling variety.


The plantations of Arabica production, both natural and washed, have superlative quality and a very light aroma and taste. The most famous varieties are the Kenya AA and Chragga which are considered even rarer than the Jamaican Blue Mountain. The State Kenia is an extremely coffee bean but is considered one of the world's finest.


This country exports almost all of its production of Arabica, Robusta and Excelse beans.


This Caribbean island is not a territory of France but actually a part of France proper and historically was one of the most important coffee growing regions in the western hemisphere. However, the production of coffee has dropped considerably in the last few decades.

Continued in Coffee Chronicles, Part 17

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