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Buy A Gaggia Espresso Machine

Updated on January 3, 2010

Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine

The Evolution Gaggia Espresso Machine is distinguished from more ordinary coffee makers on the market due to its unique designer styled lines. Although the exterior of the Gaggia Espresso Machine is all new and completely redesigned, the time honored internal workings have been left alone, as the perfection achieved by the traditional Gaggia Espresso Machine simply cannot be improved upon. The world renowned Illy coffee pods are a perfect fit with the Gaggia Espresso Machine, and all you need to do is pop one into the machine and soon you will be experiencing a true Italian espresso coffee with a luscious foamy crema that will have you licking your lips.

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Coffee Chronicles, Part 2

The Robusta is a variety that grows freely even in the plains and has had a great deal of success in the international marketplace, especially in markets which prefer their coffee strong and bold flavored and with an elevated level of caffeine content. For those specific coffee tastes, the Robusta bean is always the first, and sometimes only choice. First discovered in the Congo area it is now very widespread due to the fact that the cost of planting a sizable plantation of Robusta is significantly less than the types of coffee plants which need to be grown at high mountain altitudes. Another important factor is due to the fact that the production of coffee beans of the Robusta is considerably above the average yield of the other types of coffee plants.

The Robusta also thrives in dry or wet conditions and has a superior resistance to plant borne diseases than many of the other popular types of coffee plants. There are various hybrids of Robusta, such as Canephora which is widely found in Uganda, Indonesia and India. There are other hybrids, such as Arabusta, which is a cross between the Arabica and the Robusta bean.

The Liberica coffee bean plant is originally from the forests of the Ivory Coast and Liberia, thus its name. It is a very robust and long-lived plant which provides a bean which is medium-large, although it is almost twice the size of those produced by the Arabica plant. The Liberica is extremely resistant to attack from various plant parasites and it is a plant which requires a higher growing temperature and wetter conditions than many other types of coffee.

Although the Liberica coffee beans are of seemingly inferior quality to some other types of coffee plants, they do produce, once roasted properly, a highly aromatic and pleasant coffee beverage. The flavor of the Liberica bean was quite popular in Scandinavian countries primarily up until a decade ago.

Excelsa coffee was discovered in 1904 and it is a species which resists very well the stresses placed upon it by illnesses and drought conditions. The production of beans from the Excelsa is highly elevated and once the beans are left to age they produce a coffee beverage which has a pleasant and perfumed characteristic not too different from that of the Arabica coffee bean.

Continued in Coffee Chronicles, Part 3

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