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Buy A Saeco Espresso Machine

Updated on January 3, 2010

Saeco Aroma Espresso Machine

The Saeco Espresso Machine 00347 Aroma is an extremely easy to utilize espresso machine designed in the traditional cut down barista fashion for personal home espresso coffee machines, but designed and engineered to such a high standard that the cup of fine coffee it produces is virtually indistinguishable from those available at local coffee bars. The secret is in the extremely powerful fifteen bar pump of the Saeco Espresso Machine which powers hot water through a wide spectrum of grinds of espresso coffee producing perfect crema every time. The portafilter of the Saeco Espresso Machine can also accommodate ESE pods and features the pannarello jet froth device to create the ultimate foam.

Buy a Saeco Espresso Machine Online

Coffee Chronicles, Part 12

There are many legends attributing the origin of coffee to miraculous events. One legend tells that there was a huge forest fire in a great area of Abyssinia which enveloped many coffee plants and therefore created a roasted coffee plantation many square miles large.

Regardless of the legends around its origin, historical facts prove that travelers testified that the use of coffee in widespread adoption throughout the Islamic Orient by the end of the 16th century. Throughout Europe coffee began to be distributed via the Venetian Republic. It was indeed in Venice where it is believed in 1640 the very first coffee shop was opened even though some historians point to an even earlier opening of a coffee retailer in Leghorn (Livorno).

Regardless of the exact location of the first coffee shop the success of this new beverage was virtually immediate and soon there was not a single city in the Italian Peninsula that did not have many merchants who were dealing in the coffee trade.

The diffusion of coffee in the world was facilitated by the battle of special interests, some of which wanted to maintain the exclusivity of the precious plants and others who wanted to spread them widely in order to increase the overall profits. In 1690 Dutch Marines landed on the coasts of Moka in Yemen and were able to literally steal various coffee plants. After a few years the first coffee plantations in the Dutch colonies of Java and Sumatra began to flower.

After this time the precious plants were distributed throughout central and the northern part of South America where to this day exist some of the major coffee growing plantations in the world, especially in Brazil.

Coffee has now been spread to virtually every part of the planet where the climatic and soil conditions allow its plantation. There are many new types and subtypes of coffee that grow in a wide variety of ecosystems. There are some types of plants which only thrive in extremely high elevations on steep windswept and foggy mountainsides, and there are others which are best adapted to growing on level ground at low altitudes, much like a conventional crop of, say, maize or grapes. Coffee has become extremely versatile but it has nonetheless conquered the world!

Continued in Coffee Chronicles, Part 13

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