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Everything You Need to Know About a Stackable Folding Bookcase

Updated on April 2, 2010

Storage seems to be the one thing everyone needs more of, yet we never have enough.  This is why organization is so important.  When we get organized, all of the wasted space now becomes more storage for all the things we so dearly need in our lives.  An awesome product for getting the organization ball rolling is a stackable folding bookcase.

These stackable folding bookcases are lightweight and easily moved unlike bulky furniture that you need to bribe your friends with pizza to come over and help with.  So when you get that itch to put it somewhere else, all you need to do is remove the items, fold it up, and carry the stackable folding bookcase to its next destination.  This is good for students and people that move from place to place a lot since you will be able to fold up the bookshelf and take it in your car or truck with out any hassle at all.

Now, if you really want to save some floor space and get organized, you can stack these folding bookcases.  Just buy two of the same one and stack one on top of the other.  You have just doubled you storage using the same amount of floor space!  Time to get more books.  Then when you want to move them again just unstack your stackable folding bookcases.

Stackable Folding Bookcase

You can get a stackable folding bookcase at target, the container store, or even order them online from Amazon.  They start around $49.99 and up depending on the wood they are made of or how much storage they actually offer.  Buying them locally is a good bet since they might be a bit pricey to ship but of course amazon has many that are free shipping as well.


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    • Maria Harris profile image

      Maria Harris 7 years ago from Houston

      Stackable, folding bookcases bring a timeless mission style aesthetic to any room. Great hub.