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Buy A Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Updated on January 3, 2010

Saeco Talea Giro Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The Saeco Talea Super Automatic Espresso Machine features an extremely powerful pump which generates 15 bars of total pressure in order to produce the most delicious and fully Italian lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos. The Super Automatic Espresso Machine features an unique OptiDose system with an adjustable doser which varies the load from seven to ten and a half grams, and most astonishingly features a built in system to grind up the exact, precise amount of coffee from beans automatically with a patented disc grinder fashioned from highly resistant ceramic material. This advanced coffee technology is what makes this Super Automatic Espresso Machine one of the most sought after in the high end personal espresso coffee maker market.

Buy A Super Automatic Espresso Machine Online

Coffee Chronicles, Part 4

Classification of coffee

In the coffee business it is important to identify a predetermined quantity of beans by utilizing a various number of different systems which take these factors into consideration. First of all the origin of the bean. Not only is the growth area of the bean specified, but also the embarkation port where it is exported. In many cases, the agency or actual plantation where it is grown is also clearly specified.

Impurity and defects

This is a count of the various numbers of defects within a 300 g or 2/3 pound sample. These defects can be grains of coffee which are malformed or extraneous elements such as pebbles, hulls, branch pieces, wooden chips or anything else which is not pure coffee bean.

Botanical species

This is always indicated. The method of working the bean is specified as being either the dry process or the moist process.

The year of the harvest

The year of the harvest is usually indicated as a season between two different calendar years, since in many cases the production of coffee begins at approximately July, and there are great variations of the dates of the coffee harvest from latitude to latitude and from country to country. There are various characteristics and definitions which can be derived by the examination and analysis of a coffee bean and it is generally specified chronologically. An old crop was collected at least two harvests ago; a past crop was harvested in the previous year; a current crop was harvested in this year; and a new crop has not yet been harvested but is about to. There are also other secondary harvests such as fly crops and principle crops.

Forms of the bean

There are Flat Beans which tend to be elongated, somewhat along the lines of a very fat grain of rice; there's the Bourbon, which has a convex bean which is rather rounded; there's the Caracolito which is also known as the pearl shape, it has a small bean which is quite round; and the Maragogype which is an oversized coffee bean.

The screening of the beans is extremely important because when coffee is passed through a graduated specified screen it is able to be selected according to size right down to 1/64 of an inch. Therefore, any coffee which does not pass through a screen of 18/64 of an inch is categorized as having a screen or crible of 18 or more.

Continued in Coffee Chronicles, Part 5

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