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Buy A Vintage Wall Clock Online

Updated on November 18, 2012

Bring Back Yesteryear By Decorating With A Vintage Wall Clock

A vintage wall clock is a perfect accessory when trying to achieve a retro look for any room in your house. Whether you are trying for a sixties living room, a fifties kitchen or a seventies den, you can get that look by hanging a vintage wall clock.

There are many styles of clocks that are classically designed as vintage. You can tell a vintage clock right away when you look at it. It has a certain style that is not apparent on modern clocks.

Probably one of the most popular style of a vintage wall clocks is the starburst or sunburst which was very trendy in the 60's. My mother always had one on the wall of our living room as long as I can remember.

Some of the more popular old clocks are made of wrought iron, plastic or leafy floral patterned metal.

You can't just go into a store and buy an authentic vintage clock. If you like to go to garage sales or estate sales, you can occasionally find one but the best place to find the perfect vintage wall clock is on Ebay. When you are shopping on Ebay make sure you check the details of the clock you like. Make sure you are aware of what kind of condition the old clock is in. Ebay sellers tend to be very honest about the items they sell.

Online Shopping Guide To Buy A Vintage Wall Clock

Ebay is a site where buyers and sellers of vintage clocks can get together to make a deal. Ebay sellers have hundreds of old clocks for sale and you can really find a great selection.

If you have never shopped on Ebay before it is a great place to buy vintage items. Take a look on the right and you can see just a few of the collectible clocks that are currently being sold on Ebay.

Once you find a clock you like on Ebay you can simply bid on the item and if you are the winning bidder the item is shipped to your home. It is fun and simple to shop on Ebay from the comfort of your living room couch. You can be assured that you will receive great service.

Eames Era Clocks

The Eames era refers to the period in America after World War II when the designs and ideas of Ray and Charles Eames influenced everything from furniture, textiles, and art. Many a vintage wall clock was designed during this period and one of the most popular is the Starburst (Sunburst) or Atomic clock. Some of the designs are just awesome as you can see on the right side.

These types of vintage wall clocks feature spokes and are often very large in diameter from edge to edge. They can have any number of spokes and some are often detachable for easy cleaning. You can find them in many styles made of gold, wood, black and often in plastic. A vintage Eames era wall clock is a great addition to your vintage living room decor.

Kitchen Vintage Wall Clock

A kitchen is probably one of the most popular rooms to decorate in a vintage style. A vintage or retro kitchen brings up a classic look of a chrome table with vinyl chairs, old vintage bread boxes, vintage dishes, etc. The appliances of retro style have a specific look also that stands out. A classic look of a retro kitchen always has a vintage clock hanging on the wall.

Pastel colors were pretty popular in kitchens of yesteryear as was bright red. The clocks were usually battery operated but they also come in electric so be aware of what you are buying. You can also find themes such as animals or fruit.

Vintage Wall Clock By Manufacturer

Vintage wall clocks were made by various manufacturers including Elgin, Lux and GE. If you are looking for a particular make of clock, you will find that Ebay probably has some for sale.

I have some of the manufacturers listed but if you are looking for something else you can do search on the Ebay site. You can search by any specific wall clock manufacturer that you are looking for.

Vintage Clock Materials

Vintage wall clocks were made in many different materials. Depending upon you other vintage decor will depend on what type of material you select.

If you have wood in the room you may want a wooden vintage wall clock. There are many of the clocks made in gold which are often very ornate and with a leafy pattern. Metal was also a popular choice for the vintage clocks. They have a lot of detail in the design.

Take a look around at the many styles of vintage clocks. They make a great gift idea if you know someone who likes vintage decor. You can also pick out the perfect one for yourself. Just remember that Ebay is the perfect place to find vintage items such as clocks..

When you are on the Ebay site you can simply put in the search words for the type of material you want your vintage wall clock to be whether it is wood, metal, gold or any other material. Ebay makes it easy to shop for just what you are looking for.

Banjo Style Vintage Wall Clock

The vintage clock design classified as banjo is an elongated size. It looks like an upside down banjo with the clock face being the part of the banjo that you strum.

The vintage banjo clocks are authentic vintage styles that were popular in the sixties. On the right I have a selection of Banjo wall clocks that are being sold on Ebay right now.

Ebay makes sure that their sellers are honest and that they give great customer service. Have fun shopping on Ebay for that one of a kind vintage wall clock. Remember that auctions go fast so bid now or you may miss out.

Vintage Wall Clock
Vintage Wall Clock


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