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Buy An Intex Downy Queen Raised Airbed

Updated on August 25, 2010

Buy An Intex Downy Queen Raised Airbed

There are a number of excellent reasons why someone would buy an Intex Downy Raised Queen Airbed air mattress they are great for camping and they are a huge help when somebody needs to sleep over. These days air mattresses are so good that more and more people are using them as their regular bed. An air mattress is practical and convenient and many people find them to be more comfortable than a traditional mattress. .

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In order to decide on what kind of air mattress is right for your needs you are going to want to think about just what your requirements are. The requirements of camping are not the same as the requirements needs of an air mattress for overnight guests. Keeping in mind how you are intending to use your air mattress will make it more straightforward to decide on the ideal one.

A light weight air mattress will probably be your primary consideration if you are using it for camping. This is definitely the case if you intend to use it for backpacking. Having to carry around a heavy air mattress is hardly anybody’s idea of a fun camping trip. When camping there will also be issues regarding inflating your air mattress. In your house an electric pump is an excellent plan. An electric pump also weights a lot, not a great choice for backpacking. An air mattress you bring camping will require you to bring along spare batteries, adding to the weight. On the other hand, the hardcore camper can always blow up your air mattress with your mouth. exhausting and time consuming but it will get the job done. Usually people find that a foot pump is a good middle ground.

An air mattress that you are going to use in your house will have different requirements since weight is not going to be a major factor. The most important size issue you will want to think about is deciding on an air mattress that is the correct size for your bedding. Air mattresses come in normal bed sizes and you are probably going to want to get one that your sheets fit.

Nowadays many people are starting to use the Intex Downy Raised Queen Airbed as their regular bed instead of having to deal with a traditional mattress. Once you’ve had to move a couple of times the appeal of an air mattress soon becomes obvious, they are much easier to move up and down the stairs. Since it is possible to get an air mattress for considerably less than a regular mattress they are also attractive to people on a budget. Getting a top quality air mattress is important if you are planning to sleep on it every night, a mediocre mattress may be acceptable for the occasional visitor but not for sleeping on every night.


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